Monday, November 12, 2007

Gratitude, part 5

I was a slacker and didn’t get a post for yesterday. I’ll just say that yesterday I was grateful for family time and sewing, because that is how I spent my day! It was a nice Sunday.

I have been thinking all day about what to put on my blog for a good entry. I feel like I’ve set myself up for these grand schemes of things to be grateful for. That is exactly the opposite of what I had intended when I decided to write about a gratitude each day. To worry about composing some huge epitaph that will go down in the history books is so not my intent, but yet I have put all this pressure on myself. So, today, I am going to keep my gratitude simple, and list some “simple” things that I am grateful for.,

  • Being able to get back into bed this morning when I realized Benny was still sick. Thomas was asleep in my bed, and Benny was barely awake. I cuddled up to them and we all slept for another hour, all warm and cozy in my bed (for a change!).
  • That I had stayed home today, since I got a call from the pediatrician saying that Thomas’ strep culture had come back positive. I wouldn’t have gotten the message until after work, and poor Thomas would have been miserable all day at school.
  • How kind Thomas' teacher is. When I went to pick him up, she gave me enough work to keep him busy for two days, and was so relieved that I had come to get him, because she knew he didn’t feel well. She is great!
  • My awesome job that lets me do things from home when my kiddies are sick.
  • The fun sewing project I worked on yesterday. It might not get completed in time for Christmas, but it was a delight to work on! I hope one day it will be an advent calendar, if I ever finish it.
  • Eating pizza and watching a Christmas-y DVD with my kids on a cold autumn night.
  • That I live in a time when kind doctors can help make my kids better when they are sick.
  • The internet that allows me to keep a weekly, if not daily, account of my friends and family’s lives.
  • That it finally is starting to feel like Thanksgiving time!
  • Thomas’ face when he saw me coming to get him from school. He was at recess, and his little face just lit up and was so glad to see his mom. One day, the thought of me coming to his school will horrify him, but today, he loved it. He’s big, but not too big yet!
  • Benny’s excitement when he got to put on pajamas (jammies to him!) at 4pm. When I asked why like them, he said, “Because they’re WARM!” If he could, he would live in pajamas.

And with that, I’m going to go and try to spend some time with my kids, who have fended for themselves while I have worked today. They are such great boys!


Amy said...

I think it's awesome to be grateful for the smaller things, too. They matter just as much and really, even with the BIG things, life wouldn't be as good without the little things.