Wednesday, January 16, 2008

9 Years & Running…

Today is me and Shane’s 9th wedding anniversary. I wonder where all the years have gone! It has been such an adventure. Here are a few highlights of the anniversaries we have spent together:

  • The day before our first anniversary, we moved into our newly built home, where we still reside. What a great anniversary present that was! I think that committing to our 30-year mortgage that year was harder than committing to marriage! I love where we live, and have such great neighbors.
  • Our second anniversary we went and stayed at the Hotel Monaco. It was the only time we have ever “gone away” to celebrate. What I remember most is that it was the day after President Bush was inaugurated, and that I was 8 weeks pregnant with Thomas, so I was fighting nausea the entire time. But it was fun!
  • Most of our other anniversaries have been spent eating at Iggy’s and wandering around Barnes and Noble afterwards. The event that started this tradition was the year we tried to go to downtown Salt Lake and eat at PF Changs. It had a wait of 2 hours, so we tried Tucci’s, which was equally backed up. It took a couple more attempts to realize that we had unluckily stumbled upon one of the results of going out on the opening weekend of the Sundance Film Festival (maybe you’ve heard of it!). Since then, we have given up on going very far for anniversary celebrations, and so we stick to Jordan Landing.
  • For all that we have been married 9 years, we have yet to order ANY pictures of our wedding. My dear mother-in-law broke down a few years ago and gave us one of the photos she had ordered, so we do at least have one picture of our wedding that is framed. It must run in my family, because I think I might have a sister who has yet to order any of hers (not naming names, though!)

And, sweet man that he is, Shane sent me roses at work. Nothing brings a smile to your face faster than flowers, right?

Happy Anniversary, Shaney. I am so glad we are doing this together.


Lucy said...

Happy Anniversary! I love your last line.

Kasandra said...

Happy Anniversary happy to hear you spend anniversaries wandering around Barnes and Nobles! Don and I spent our 10th in Portland, Oregon at a nice restaurant and then spent the rest of the night wandering around Powells bookstore, it was wall to floor books and we loved it!
What's really funny is that when our third daughter Vanessa found out we like to hang out at bookstores on our dates, she announced we must have the most boring dates alive!!
So isn't it nice to have a hubby who likes to be boring!!!....
Have a great day, Kasandra

Amy Sorensen said...

Happy anniversary! This post reminds me of what *I* was doing nine years ago. Jake's sick today, too! ;)