Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Because we are so hip like that…

So, we bought an additional car a few weeks ago. It’s cute, and gets good gas mileage, and is new enough to last a few years before my husband gets the new car itch again.

Now, I think of Shane & I as pretty technologically savvy. I can program my DVR remote control to my TVs. I can add songs to my mp3 player. Heck, I can even walk and chew gum.

But this past weekend, our new car key fab got the best of us. Well, when I say us, I mean mostly Shane, but I was there to. It sucked going through it, but now it makes for good bloggy fodder.

Picture us on Sunday as we exited our friendly neighborhood Old Navy. Now, I’ve got to back up just a little. The car we bought has a button on it that, provided the car is locked, you can push it and the car will start. I’ve used it a couple of times just fooling around and it hasn’t seemed to rock my world much, but its cool all the same. Until that fateful trip to Old Navy, that is.

Shane hasn’t had as much alone time with New Car as I have, so he wants to play with the toys on it as much as the next boy I mean MAN does. So, he started the car with The Button. All was fun and games until…

The car wouldn’t unlock.

After asking me what to do (I felt like I was along for the ride at this point), he tried unlocking the car with the key. Big mistake.

The car starts honking uncontrollably.

He tries to start it with the key to get the honking to stop. More uncontrollable honking. (OH, HI everyone in Old Navy Parking Lot. We really aren’t trying to steal this car, I promise.)

Helplessly, he exits the still honking car, and gives the keys to me. For some reason, the key fab spirits must like a woman’s touch or something, cause I was able to relock the car (terminating said horrible honking) and unlock New Car. So on we go with our little errand (summer shoe shopping…can I say UGH!) And suddenly, I am the Queen of the New Car Key Fab and Shane is 100% Anti the Start Button on Key Fab Guy.

Now, enter Monday afternoon. Again, a little history. Shane and I commute to work together; he drops me off at the train station and finish my route to work on the cozy train while he takes New Car to work. As I am riding said train and am ¾ of the way to my destination (which, in ideal circumstances, would be him, waiting for me while seated in New Car) I get a call from him asking how to unlock the %#$%$$% car. Being the smart girl I am, I tell him to use the key fab (duh!). His reply is that he can get the car to lock, but not unlock. Pretty soon he can’t even get the car to lock. He knows if he attempts to use the key, it will honk again, and one of his coworkers happens to be sitting in front of the window in front of said Unlockable New Car, swinging his feet and watching this entire drama play out. Shane’s pride won’t allow the coworker to see any more is his misfortune then he’s already seen, so he starts walking towards my train stop. Now what to do? It’s 4:30 pm, we are both in our work clothes, we need to be our kids up in 45 minutes 25 miles away, and our shiny new ride has bested him.

Luckily, my train stop is situated next to a Best Buy. The nice Car Audio person opens up the key fab & figures it is the battery that is causing all our troubles. The battery type is CR2016 and they point us to a shiny display with every kind of lithium battery EXCEPT CR2016. Onward-ho to Office Max, right next door. As we are walking to yet another battery display I’m praying like crazy that they have CR2016 because I’m fairly sure that the other stores in the complex (Countrywide Mortgage, New York Subs, and Carl’s Jr) will NOT have it.

Well, my prayers were answered. We purchase the battery, and start running down the street to get back to Shane’s work. The 80+ degree weather started to kick my butt, so I let Shane run ahead while I called our kind babysitter to tell her that yet again, we would be late getting our kids. Since no one could possibly come up with this good of a lie, she luckily believed me and laughed as she assured me it was fine.

A few minutes later Shane pulled up in New Car and picked me up. Ordeal over. But lesson learned: when the key fab starts being unresponsive…CHANGE THE DAMN BATTERIES! It definitely beats the alternative, people.


unforgetable moments said...

hey bec! its jacqui and guess what i got a new car too! its so cute its a suv and i love it. its honda cr-v ill have to put a picture of it on my blog. i just wrote something on there so go read it. ha plus add me or whatever you do haha im gonna put some picture and videos up soon so go look ok i love you and miss you so much!!!

Stephanie said...

It was fun to catch up on your blog! What funny stories! Poor Shane, though, getting beat in the key fab deal. (What does "fab" mean, by the way? Is it the actual name of the key thing that has buttons on it? I'm obviously NOT terribly technologically savvy.)I'm also VERY impressed that you cut your own bangs. I have NEVER been brave in the hair department. I have only added color to my hair ONCE in my entire life and it was just a few lowlights. And I've never been brave enough to do it since. I can't wait to see your bangs. I bet they're cute!

Jeff & Kayci Bitton said...

My comment was just deleted!! :( What a feat! I am interested to know what kind of car you got...:) Jeff gets The Itch pretty often, although he hasn't had it since we got the Camry until we got pregnant. Now he wants a brand new Malibu, which if the summer goes well we'll probably get one after the baby comes. I am glad you figured out what the problem was! Now Shane doesn't have to feel defeated by The Key Fab;) We sure miss you guys! Hope to see you this summer! Will you post a picture of your New Ride?