Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How faucets can hold much more than water...

One of my favorite movies is Under the Tuscan Sun with Diane Lane. One of the little details in the movie involves a faucet curiously placed in the foyer of a home. When turned on at first, nothing happens. As the movie progresses and Diane Lane's character grows and fills her life with good things, you see the faucet go from something dry and pointless to a veritable waterfall (albeit a small one).

Sometimes I think about that little metaphor and try to apply it to my life. When I think of an empty faucet, I think of something that is dry, lifeless, wasting. To me, it depicts a person who doesn't allow her talents and time to flow over those who need them. Then I think of the last scene in the movie, when the faucet is turned on and water splashes merrily to the red tile floor, covering it in a matter of moments. This is a life that is overflowing with good, with life, with service and love being showered upon all that crosses its path.

This idea makes me want to have a life that is overflowing (though I picture it overflowing with blessings, rather than water, thank you very much). It makes me want to try a little harder. It makes me offer to take a neighbor or friend's children so they can have a quiet afternoon. Or take a dinner in. Or just call someone who I know might be lonely. I know that I can do a lot better at this; I don't do these things enough, but when I do it makes me happy to know that I tried to help someone. I hope that these small efforts make up for all the times when I'm not so nice or selfless.

So, are there things that motivate you to try a little harder?


Ginger said...

Helpful people motivate me to want to try harder. Inside I am a person who wants to help people but I am not outgoing so I am too shy to be a helpful person. When I do try to help people it comes off as kind of awkward and people always tell me that they don't need my help. I am not one of those people that just insists on still helping because I am just left wondering in my head why the person said they don't need my help.