Sunday, August 24, 2008

Random stuff

So, August has been a busy busy month. I want to blog about a lot of stuff, but I don't want to write it all out. So here it is, random, out-of-order style.

  • Two weeks ago we went on vacation. Don't anyone fall over. We haven't gone anywhere (ANYWHERE) for over two years. It wasn't far, just 2 nights in Park City but they were so fun. It felt like we were far away. And the kids loved it. I might have Shane convinced that it is fun to go new places. The best part of Park City? Watching the All-around finals for gymnastics with Thomas. Everyone else was in bed. It was good mommy/son bonding. The worst part? My camera was dead. Zero pictures. Sucky.

  • My neice and her husband and daughter visited a few weeks ago. I hadn't seen her in months and months, so I loved visiting with her at my sisters house. We had a little pool party, and it was so much fun. This is my favorite picture from the night. Don't you just love all our foreheads? :) And self portraits!
  • Thomas started school last Monday. Wow, I have a second grader. Who knew?

  • Then he turned 7 on Friday. Somehow I survived a friend birthday party AND a grandparent birthday party. Note to self: planning birthday parties makes you grumpy. Try to be better next time.

  • I got a very, very nice email back from Jack. He was very kind and said he remembered me. It's nice to get stuff like that done sometimes, just to free up more space for other dumb things to worry about. Note to self: find someone else to worry about that you have offended for another 20 years. I'll get right on that, I'm sure.

  • I ran 3 times last week. Who knew?

  • And I just love this picture of Thomas at the piano. He's been taking lessons for the past few weeks. I love hearing the piano being played! It is a happy sound.

  • And since this post has been all about Thomas, here are a couple of Benny, who was diagnosed with strep throat AFTER we spent the evening with our friends and their week-old baby. Sigh, what do you do? One minute they are fine, the next, well, they aren't.

  • And check out this hot guy I found it Park City. I brought him home with me.


Ginger said...

Looks like you have been having a good time. Park City is fun. I am glad it is so close and still fun. We need to get together and play with Mel when she is up for it.

Jeff and Kayci Bitton said...

yay! I was waiting for you to post some pictures of the party we had! It was a blast to see everyone! I love our foreheads:) Would you e-mail me the pics you took of grace and any others you think I might like? I am glad all is well with Jack, it really is nice to clear some things like that up! I LOVE the pictures of your boys! I can't believe they are so big! You and Shane did a great job:)(now you just need another baby right?) I am so glad we can keep in touch! I love it! Hope you have a good day! Love you!!

Lucy said...

We got hit with the strep throat bug too. Nasty.

I'm glad you had a vacation in Park City. I'm a huge believer in travel and I'm glad to see you getting out there:)

I think it's awesome that your coach remembered you. You are quite memorable, I think.

Thomas looks pretty cute as a second grader. Little sammy started Kindergarten. Now I have two in school. It's crazy!