Monday, November 24, 2008

November Gratitude, Part 8.

So, I like to brag that I never get the stomach flu.

Seriously. I can't remember having it since 1997. I wasn't even married yet in 1997. I still lived at my mom's house in 1997. Not to say that I haven't thrown up since 1997; two pregnancies took care of that. But the whole laying in bed, fighting the impulse to upchuck, laying in bed with relief for a few hours before repeating the process, and then sleeping the whole day after?

Not me.

Well, not until today.

That was my day. I'm sitting here at 8:59, waiting for my duvet to dry so that all my clean bedding can be put in my freshly-lysoled bed and I can crawl into it's warm, clean, depths. Since there isn't an option for staying home again tomorrow, I HAVE to be better. I must be better.

But, since this is a gratitude post, I'm grateful for:
  • the fact I'm done throwing up
  • that my sweet husband went in late to work, got the kids ready for school, and went and bought me chicken noodle soup for dinner.
  • my sweet Thomas who sat and kissed and hugged me and tried to make me feel better before he left for school today
  • my sweet Ben for putting up with a mom who mostly laid around today and watched tv when she wasn't sleeping.
  • that my awesome bff Shelly took Ben for over 4 hours today so that I could sleep.
  • that I'm done throwing up.

I've lost my bragging rights for another decade, but man, I'm loved. My family rocks.


Amy Sorensen said...

Oh, crap. I SPOKE TO YOU ON THE PHONE YESTERDAY! you know what that means, don't you? It means that Jake will be barfing soon. And then Nathan. And then Kaleb. And then Haley. And then me. (Kendell's like you: he never catches the stomach flu.) Or, maybe we can do it like we did one year, when we all had it at the same time!?! That's be fun. ;)

Seriously, though: hope you're realy feeling better. I HATE the stomach flu!!!!!! And, i hope all of your kids don't get it too!

Ginger said...

Oh man! That's a bummer. I am glad you are not throwing up anymore too. I hope you feel better soon. I hope I don't get it. Eli did that in the middle of the night so maybe its going around. OH No.

Lucy said...

I'm glad you're done throwing up too! Sorry you caught the bug. I hope you have another eleven years of puke-free-ness:)