Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November Gratitude, part deux

I'm thinking that my original edict (to be grateful for way's I've grown) feels to constricting, so I'm going to name things I'm grateful for, and if they've helped me grow, so much the better.

So, on to my second November gratitude: Thursdays.

More specifically, the last 3 Thursdays. With one to go.

Let me explain. Thomas has been off track for the past few weeks. Being off track means that we get to sleep in (something I love!!). It means no homework, lots of playdates, and twice as many kids to run errands with. But with Ben being in preschool this year, it also means that I have two hours a week to spend alone with Thomas.

I wrote previously how I missed the time that Thomas and I spent together before I had Benny. I've had years worth of weekdays spent driving Ben around to places. But I've never had cause to spend a significant amount of time alone with my eldest until now.

I've loved those hours. He can sit in the front seat (thank you, sensor in my front passenger seat that turns off the airbag!!). We fight over the radio, switching between my stations and radio Disney (can I just say how much I DREAD radio Disney!!). I get to chat with him, and hang out with him in a way I haven't for almost 4 years.

It has been sweet, sweet time with my tenderhearted son. I wouldn't trade it for the world.


Ginger said...

He is an awesome kid! You have done a great job with him.

Britt said...

Awww! That's sweet. I'm glad that you get to have some quality time with your son... and Radio Disney.

Thomas Family said...

where has time gone! and when did thomas get to be so dang BIG!? He is so cute! I miss the boys! I love you Thomas and Benny!!