Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Thought

Tuesdays are my day to run. They have been for years. Very few things come between me and my Tuesday run. It is sacred time.

During December, though, the 30 minutes I spend on the treadmill feel a little more cozy because I can see the glow of my Christmas tree. I loved to come downstairs and turn on the tree, then slip on my shoes and start running. I can steal glances at the tree every now and then. I don't think there are many things prettier than a brightly lit tree: the ornaments glowing softly, light sparkling off the 30-year old tinsel, which my mom gave me a few years ago, remnants of our long-ago childhood trees.

So those three or four Tuesdays during December are something I look forward to, combining two things I cherish: Christmas and running.


Melanie said...

I agree. I love the glow of the Christmas tree and I miss it for at least a month after we take it down. I can't wait to get our tree up this year!

Amy Sorensen said...

I am impressed your tree is up! Mine...not so much. But I agree: I LOVE the feel the Christmas tree gives your house. It is something to cherish!