Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Evidence of life before marriage

So, Shane and I have recently become addicted to Facebook. I know, I know, what is all the hype about? But, since Shane's joined up, it has been so much fun. We've had late night chats going with multiple friends and family, posted pictures, commented, found people from way back when, you name it. Now I wonder what we did before Facebook.

By the way, my friend Britt posted an awesome bit about Facebook and the five stages of death. Check it out.

Today, one of Shane's friends posted some old, old pictures on Facebook. Like 1994 old. And I didn't know that any existed of this particular Halloween event. It brought back some good memories of Wild Becky. The night in question, I might have stood on a table with Shane. And I might have done everything I could do to get him to kiss me (other than, you know, kissing him) while standing on said table. There might have been beverages that are not currently in my drinking repertoire involved. I don't really remember...:)

When I look back on this time period, I was doing everything I could to flirt with Shane. I didn't know if I liked him necessarily, but I definitely wanted him to notice me. I would do anything I could to get him to smile at me, and I didn't want those smiles to be directed at any other girl.

It makes me smile to think that there is a picture of the aftermath of said Halloween event. It is a mile marker I can look back on and say, it started then, the wanting to be with Shane. It was the time I realized I sure liked his friends a lot, and I sure liked him a lot as a coworker, and I noticed how hot that boy I worked with really was.

So, without further ado, here are the pictures. Red-hot evidence of how hot my husband was in 1994. And that he wore earrings and had big hair. Red-hot evidence that I used to have permed hair and wanted to be a hippie. The pictures aren't of us together, but were taken within minutes of each other.

Proof that we were young once. And that we had a life before marriage.


Lucy said...

It's fun to see your younger selves. Fun little glimpse into your life:)

Amy Sorensen said...


that photo of Shane is hilarious! I never knew he had so much hair!!! And you look so YOUNG! I mean, not that you look old now, of course, but ten years do tend ot change you. I love it.

I have to confess that I've not gotten very involved in Facebook. Like I posted on Britt's blog, I'm still in the Depressed stage (shocking, right?), lol. But I'm glad you're enjoying it!