Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One thing

Okay, it took me far too long to finish this meme. But here it is. I'll get back to blogging regularly soon; this past week has been so busy! I stole this from Amy, so feel free to steal from me!!

One thing I won’t let my husband buy me: Well, there isn't anything I won't let him buy me, but he doesn't like to buy me shoes or pants because we never agree on the shoes (never, ever, even slippers as we found out this year) and the pants, well, are just hard.

One thing I would love to have, but I probably will never have: A passport. I can't leave the state very often, why would I leave the country?

One thing you will never find in my closet: An empty/organized shelf or floor.

One thing I would choose if I were having elective surgery: A nose job. I fainted about 3 years ago while getting ready for work, and now my nose is slightly off center. It bugs me.

One thing I love about my face: That it has eyes on it so I can read. Seriously? I can't say a lot here.

One thing that I love to do: Get everything done before dinner so that after dinner all we have to do is dishes and then have the whole night to do fun family stuff.

One thing I would like to change if I could: My inability to understand all things political. I am the most unpolitical person, and I am too easily swayed by personalities. I always feel so dumb when people talk politics because I'm not informed and uninterested in general.

One thing I would change as a mom: The way kids ignore you until you are on the phone. Really?

One thing I would do if I had unlimited money: Get a bigger house, pay off my family's houses, put away money for my kids college and give them trust funds so they would be set when they got married.

One thing I that I will not do again: Work full time. I hope, at least!

One thing that I would like to do: See the ocean this year.

One thing I could do without: My love of soda. I'd be a lot better off if I just couldn't stand the stuff. But Dr. Pepper - you have the key to my heart. Sorry Shane!

One thing I love to smell: I have to say I'm not really good at smelling (allergies) but my answer is: babies. Especially when they are newborn, and they are nursed. Nursed babies smell so wonderful!! Back at Halloween I was holding a baby that we are sort of related to. He is adopted, which is wonderful, but that also means he drank formula. And the formula is a special, expensive kind of formula for upset babies. I think it was the shortest span of time ever that I've ever held a baby, because I just couldn't stand his smell. Sad for him, because he was really cute, and his smell is no fault of his own. By the way: if you've ever allowed me to smell your breast-fed baby, I thank you.

One thing I would do if I won the lottery: See above "unlimited money" question. Add in lots of family vacations and traveling.

One thing that infuriates me: I'm kind of anal about my floor. It drives me bonkers when I clean my floor and kids track mud on it. Grrr. More than one neighborhood child has felt my wrath on a Friday afternoon.

One thing that I love about winter: Drinking hot chocolate on a cold night. Mmm!!

One thing I am addicted to: Dr. Pepper and Cafe Rio. Sorry, that was two.

One thing I pray for: My kids to be safe.

One thing I wish I had: Unlimited time, money, and resources. Okay, that is three.

One thing I would do again, regardless of the pain: labor. Well, I had an epidural. But it still hurt. I love being in labor, knowing that my babies will soon join me in the world. I love those two days more than any in my whole life.

One thing that I absolutely hate to do: Sit in the line at the carwash. Grr. Or the oil change place. Wasted time.

One thing that is weird about me: Just one thing? Well, I often find my rings in my bedside drawer in the morning. I went to sleep with them on, but sometime during the night I took them off and put them away. I do it all the time. Maybe my rings make me clausterphobic in my sleep or something.

One thing that I need help on: Scooping ice cream. I'm really bad at it. (Actually I'm just lazy and want to let Shane do it. He's fully aware of this fact.)

One thing I find most relaxing: Reading in bed. Especially when everyone else is asleep, and, if the book is sad, I can sob my heart out without anyone thinking I'm weird.

One thing that could get me in trouble: The internet on my days off. I can spend forever on it when I should be doing other stuff.

One thing that annoys me: When things come out of the dishwasher still dirty.

One thing I dread; therefore, don’t do very often: Paying bills manually. There is something so hard about sitting down and writing out checks and filling out address labels and stuff. It's the reason I do most things online.

One thing that I have learned, but still sometimes forget: That things will work out in the end and most of the worrying doesn't do much good.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your crooked nose.

(is that not the weirdest comment of all time?)

I have a crooked pinky due to a church basketball tragedy.

Melanie said...

I saw that you were doing a meme and thought, "Hey, I can steal this." I need to get back to blogging, and that's an easy way to do it. Then I read your answers and most of mine would be exactly the same. So if I do it, it will be later when I've cleared your answers from my mind. Although I have a feeling mine will still be the same.

Sorry, that was a long and stupid comment.