Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Random February Stuff

It's been a while since I've updated our goings-on in the Kump household. I figure it's always nice to keep record of those things that I wouldn't necessarily devote a whole blog post to, but want to remember all the same. Here goes!

  • Thomas started taking karate last September. It's been a really fun outlet for him, and he's learned some cool anti-bully tricks. Two Thursday's ago he took his first test to go from a white belt to a yellow-white (white with a yellow stripe). He did so well on his test. I've never seen him look so fierce, determined, or nervous before. I was so proud of him. Well worth all those hours sitting around reading at the gym (maybe that's why I've actually been able to read this year!

  • We went to the Draper Temple open house last Thursday. It was so amazing! I was really excited to go, and glad we could make it. One of my thoughts: it looks bigger from the outside. I kept wondering if there were more rooms somewhere that we didn't see. But I doubt there were. If you live around Salt Lake and have ever wanted to know what the inside of a temple looks like, head on over.

  • We got a Wii. Incredible amounts of time are now spent punching, bowling, and swinging pretend tennis rackets. Shane and I are far more competitive than I ever dreamed. Last night he kicked my butt 5 times in Bull Riding. I keep ending up next to the fence and missing all the scarecrows. And he doesn't wait for me. Jerk.

  • Because of the last entry, I now want Wii Fit.

  • I got to spend a few minutes holding my sweet great-niece Claire on Sunday. I kept wondering if I could put her in my purse and take her home with me without her mom noticing. She is so dang sweet.

  • Our friends John and Melanie may never invite us over again after my enthusiasm at watching John Travolta movie clips from U-tube. Those poor people had no idea when I innocently asked them to play the "Summer Loving" clip from Grease that they would see their friend turn into a spaz. Sorry, guys. (And in case you wondered, I kept singing it the whole way home for my family. They weren't very amused either.) (And now I'm sure I'll now sing it for the rest of today.)

I think that does it for today. Man, isn't the above picture of Johnny T HOT?


Jeff and Kayci Bitton said...

you make me laugh! Grease is the only movie in my mom's car, so I have heard it a million times in the last week! gotta love it!

Jeff and Kayci Bitton said...

AND it was extremely good to see you! I just love your family! Thanks for coming to see us.