Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I think it's really coming.

Thomas had karate tonight, and Tuesday is my night to drive. I usually spend the hour reading in uncomfortable plastic chairs while the air is puncutated with kicks, grunts, and numbers spoken in korean. Yes, the fact that Thomas knows how to count in Korean is a little strange to me.

Anyway. Tonight I dropped Thomas off at karate and ran a few errands. As I headed toward the library, I saw it: a beautiful pink-laden, blossoming tree brightening up the otherwise dismal street. I could hardly take my eyes off it to drive.

I love flowering trees in spring. I have a gorgeous snow-fountain cherry that droops white blossoms for a few weeks in March. Two pink, later-blooming trees adorn my parking strip. The streets of my town are lined with these beautiful trees, and I oh and ah over every one.

My crocus are a few days beyond their prime, so I'm looking forward to daffodils, hyancinth, and tulips bursting in the next few weeks.

I think we can say it's officially here. So what do you look forward to about this lovely, pink and purple season?


Ginger said...

I love those trees...shorts...and flip flops. Getting outside. I love it all! (except when it is still snowing in March)