Friday, March 6, 2009

Ode to Whirlpool

Right now, my counter tops look like this:

This is the detritus from a batch of cookies, some hard-boiled eggs for egg-salad sandwiches, cheese and ranch for a quesadilla for Ben, and a box of corn dogs.

It looks like this because of what I had delivered this morning by the Lowes truck. It looks like this:When we built our house almost 10 years ago, Shane decided that a self-cleaning over was overrated, so we opted for the manual model. I told him that he could be the one doing the manual labor. Now, after all this time, he's tired of scrubbing the oven out. I've often referred to our stove as a "Shane-cleaning oven" just for fun.

He wasn't having fun. So we found this little friend at Lowes and they delivered it today. I consummated the relationship by baking cookies and boiling hard-boiled eggs. Both were delicious. If you were here, I'd have shared.

Shane is really excited because the top is flat, so no more scrubbing cooked on rice from the dripper pans under the burners. I bet he can't wait to scrub the top of this baby.

Anyway. Here's to self-cleaning ovens and hot chocolate chip cookies!


Anonymous said...

I could have saved you a bunch of money. Just don't clean your oven. That's how we do it around here :)

Thomas Family said...

Hey, I have that same oven!! I love it!! Just don't spill sugar on the top it totally stains it and burns that dont come out!! I love it though!!

Amy Sorensen said...

I hardly ever clean the inside of my oven. I think I've done it maybe five times in the 15 years we've lived here! I DO clean the top all the time, though.

Anyway, happy new oven day! That's awesome!

Lucy said...

I looks awesome. Self cleaning is an absolute must. Nice move!