Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Go towards the light...

I spent a lot of time sitting in my boys rooms, nursing them when they were babies. I sat in the same rocking chair, looking at the same hall (but from different angles, and 3 years apart. Anyway.) Each summer I spent nursing, I noticed a strange phenomena that I promptly forgot about until the next summer. The phenomena was a shaft of light that would stream from my kitchen windows and down the hall to shine onto Thomas' bedroom door. And it only showed up for a few weeks before and after the summer solstice.

After a few summers, I began to look forward to that shaft of light. It's brevity makes it all the more dear to my heart. I watch for it to come at the end of May because I can never remember exactly when it shows up. I've wanted to blog about it for two summers now, and tonight I finally took some pictures.

I know, exciting, right? Blogging about light. But it makes me happy, and I love getting out my camera and attempting to take good pictures. Which these looked a lot better on my camera. Anyway. I hope you enjoy.

This is the light in all it's glory. (Cue angels singing in the background.)

My cute boys (whose antics nearly drove me out of my mind tonight).

First movie trailer pictures, now light phenomena. What will I come with to blog about next? I hope you don't stay up too late wondering.


Anonymous said...

I think it's wonderful that you've been observant enough to notice this phenomenon and appreciate it. Even better that it is sentimental to you. You're not crazy! Post about light all you want!

Ginger said...

Wow, that is really interesting.