Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tribute to Grandma Mary

Shane's Grandma Mary died last week, just hours after her 81st birthday came to a close. Around 6 months ago, she was diagnosed with cancer, and soon afterward she got a wig to wear to cover her thinning hair. When she passed away, Grandpa decided to donate her wig to someone else with cancer who was in need. I was honored by him when he asked me to write something to send with the wig to introduce her to the wig's new owner. This is what I wrote.

Hair is a personal thing. This wig that helped Mary look so pretty during her last days was touched by her. It became a part of her, and some of her goodness will come with it. Just as each thread in an embroidery sampler tells a story, each locket of hair can tells a tale. You could even say that woven into the fibers and hairs of this wig are snippets of our sweet Mary. Mary was many things: a wife of over 62 years, a mother of three, a grandmother of 5, a great-grandmother of 6.

See this thread here? It is the memory of her laugh. Everyone loved Mary’s laugh because it was so happy, and it lit up her face. Mary loved to laugh at everything. The silliness of her husband Bob, a jokester of the first class. The teasing she received from her grandsons, who were always apt to see the world in a sarcastic light. Her happiness was apparent in everything she did while on this earth.

If we follow this hair, it will take you through her kindness. Mary loved to send cards. Nary would a holiday pass by that you wouldn’t receive a card from her. As the years went on, and especially this last year as she started to fade, the cards took on a special meaning. The last birthday card, the last father’s or mother’s day card, the last Christmas card. They were all a reminder of both her love of us here, and the love that she would take with her into the beyond where we cannot follow.

Mary loved to write. Notebook after notebook is filled with her daily thoughts of the weather, the things she and her beloved Bob did together, her happiness and frustrations. It was a rare week that went by that didn’t see her writing in her journals, keeping a record of so many days and years of her life. They will be a treasure for her children and grandchildren now that she is gone.

Just as we could never count each individual strand of hair, it is impossible for us to tell you everything that was good and special about Mary. But know this: she lived a good life. She was happy and loved her family with every part of her being. And we loved her back and will miss her so much.

The threads for Mary have been carefully snipped and tucked away. As we pass this token on to you, we hope that you will receive some of her goodness, that your story can be weaved in with the tapestry we lovingly called Mary. We wish you the best.


Amy Sorensen said...

I kept opening this and not having time to really READ it, but now my house is quiet (everyone's still asleep) and I could focus. What a lovely tribute to Mary. I'm glad you shared it here!