Friday, July 17, 2009

Wherein I get lost at the Sonic.

So, I'm big into drinks now that I don't drink the DP anymore. I'm all about drinking punch and smoothies and all that. And so when I heard a commercial about Sonic's Limeade Chillers, I knew I'd be trying one in the very near future.

So, I pulled up to the Sonic, sans kids, yesterday, ready to order something cool and fruity and creamy and yummy. And I knew something on the menu fit the bill, but I didn't know what it was. I ended up ordering something, and that is when the trouble began. Because I've never been to the Sonic before, so the drive through didn't fill my expectation of drive-through. Instead of a window with an angsty teenager leaning out to grab my money, I saw a sign that said Stop here for Drive-through (or something to that effect). Add that to the fact that another sign advertised the very drink I wanted but had had not ordered, and I found myself in a big fat quandary. Where to pay? How to change my order? What? Where's the bored teenager? When? Ah!

I didn't feel right about stopping at the sign for obvious reasons (did you catch the sarcasm?). I drove all the way around to the other side of the Sonic, parked my car, and got out. Apparently, there isn't an inside at the Sonic, at least not one that a person can go into. And the car-hop person on roller skates wasn't helpful or amused when I told him I wanted to change the drive-through order to something else. I told him what I wanted and waited. I went back to my car and waited. I drove my car around the Sonic again to find the line to get back to the drive through now had approximately 45 cars in it. So I reversed my car back to the parking lot and parked again.

I finally sat on the picnic table outside the door and waited for my order. I kept apologizing to the car-hop kid, and he kept apologizing to the person inside who was making my chiller. After 15 minutes of me being a dumb old lady who doesn't know how to work a drive-though, I finally got what I ordered.

It tasted like heaven, but the obtaining of it was hell. I can't believe I couldn't understand something as simple as a drive through. I'm just glad that I had this experience at a location that isn't near my house. That way, when I go back (because of course I will be going back!) I won't have to show them how dumb I am. I'll just take whatever drive through they throw at me, and follow the directions on the signs.

But, yeah. I've thought about the resulting Strawberry Limeade chiller ever since I finished it. Must...go....back!!!


Amy Sorensen said...

SO funny! The Sonic drive through is a little bit wonky, to make you feel better. I think that Kaleb is 13% cherry limeade, because happy hour (half-price drinks!) coincided with the time I was usually driving home from class, when i was pregnant w/ him. I LOVE Sonic's drinks. Welcome to a new temptation!

So glad to see you for a few minutes today!

Anonymous said...

Oh hilarious!

But only because it didn't happen to me.

Jeff and Kayci Bitton said...

You make me laugh! I am glad you enjoyed your chiller!