Monday, August 10, 2009

4 days, and counting.

It's finally almost here. You know, my current obsession: the Time Traveler's Wife movie, which comes out THIS FRIDAY. I can hardly stand the 4 day wait.

I spent far more time than I want to admit last week on, where there are 10 or so trailers and scene outtakes from the movie. It even has behind-the-scenes footage. It is really fun, if you are a geek like me. My mom, sisters and I even had a conversation about it at dinner on Saturday night. My mom asked if Amy or I had the book so that she could borrow it, and while we assured her we did and she could read one, we had to qualify it with this warning: don't blame us for all the stuff in it. What will she think if she reads it? I hope she likes it; there is such a good story, if you can get past all of the nudity and swearing.
Anyway. Are you all ready to wait out the final four days with me? Are you all as excited as I am?


Amy Sorensen said...

SO....can't wait to hear if you liked it or not!!!