Friday, August 28, 2009

On RSVPing and wasting time

We have some good friends who are getting married. It's one of Shane's best friends from high school (Matt), and his lovely bride (Arrika). We have known about the wedding since, oh, March or so. The "save the date" has been on my fridge since the day it arrived in the mail.

I only just RSVPed today.

Lame, or typical of Utah?

It isn't that I don't want to go to the wedding. I do. It's in Zion National Park, under a tree. (I'm hoping its a well marked tree, otherwise how will we know where to find the bridal party?) I've never been to Zion. Plus, I wouldn't want to miss Matt's wedding for anything. But, the whole idea of sending an official missive (even if just an email) has daunted me for months. Why is this?

If I lived somewhere else other than Utah, I would have grown up being more comfortable with the notion of RSVP, I think. It just doesn't go with our casual nature. Most people packing guests into the cultural hall for their post-wedding extravaganza do not expect a formal note of each guests intentions (Yes, please, count me in on the weak punch and nut cups! I'll even bring a gift of an Ensign subscription!) (Of which I received one, and I never sent in the check. I wonder if the gift-giver was offended?) (We also recieved a hymn book. Shane was way excited). (Sorry for all the parentheticals.) Anyway, most weddings around here aren't that formal, is my point.

But Matt and Arrika's is. So. Do any of you have thoughts on the RSVP? Do you do the RSVP? Do you expect them? Has my Utah upbringing ruined me for this convention of normal, outside-Utah society? Also, what random church-related gift did you receive that surprised you? Do tell.


And, in another not-so-related-topic, Facebook has again found a way to help me waste my time. It's called Typing Maniac, and I've been playing it nonstop for 2 weeks. It is seriously an evil, evil game. Sure, my typing skills are improving, but I'm getting a little obsessed. Like, spending every lunch and break I can possibly get to play it. Bad, bad news. I don't know why they have to spring these games on us.


Anonymous said...

I RSVP if they "inviter" makes it very clear that they want an RSVP. If they're sending me a pre-printed invite from Party CIty that has an RSVP line and they hand wrote their phone number in, I usually don't bother. But if they specifically designed the invite to have RSVP on it, like in the case of a wedding luncheon or whatever, I'll RSVP.

When I send out invitations, I always give adequate information so the people who are invited know whether or not they should RSVP. I rarely use the term RSVP because Utahns don't take it seriously. Instead I say something like, "Call if you have questions." If I need an RSVP, I use something more threatening like, "Let me know if you're coming or I won't have food for you!!!"