Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beach day

Today was officially beach day, and officially the best. day. ever. That is, if you ask any one in the Kump family.

We were at the beach this morning before 10am. I'd gone running early (I can't seem to stay in bed). The ocean calls for me to run on it every morning, and I have to obey its call. Shane went running after me, and while he was gone, the boys and I went down to the bay to play in the sand. We stayed there long enough for Shane to return from his run, and we went to the beach.
Thomas and I had a ball jumping waves. I've never seen Thomas have so much fun. He loved the ocean, and wanted to spend every moment he could in it. I loved the giant smile he got on his face whenever he jumped a particularly big wave. Ben and Shane played in the sand, building and destroying sand castles, burying the bucket that we bought at Sea World ($5 for popcorn, makes good beach toy. Who knew?).

We played til almost 1, when we walked down the boardwalk to Joe's Crab Shack for lunch. It was officially the first lunch we have bought on this trip. Most breakfasts and lunches have been cereal or peanut butter sandwiches (we're cheap like that). We looked like total total tourists: sunburned, windblown, my hair fuzzy and wild (I'm jealous of those girls who look great post-swim. That will never be me.) It was a good, good time.

Back at our hotel, we rented a paddle boat and went around the bay for a while. The boys didn't paddle much, but we had a good time seeing the Mission Bay from a different perspective. We topped off this perfect day by walking down to the beach to watch the sun go down. It was cloudy, but it was peaceful watching the waves drift in and out, the surfers waiting for that perfect ride to come in, the sun sinking slowly down into the sea.

I love the beach. I am going on one final run in the morning (wah!) and then maybe we will have time to go to the ocean one last time together. I can say this: we are a different family, vacation-wise, because of this trip. All of us are excited to come back to our little hotel by the ocean. It will be so hard to leave here. But we are going to visit Shane's grandpa for a night, so at least we aren't done with our trip just yet. If only we could take the ocean home with us in our suitcase.

We will come back here. Catamaran Resort, we love you.

I told you I look terrible, post-swim. Ick.

Ben all kicked-back at the beach.

Thomas playing in the waves.

Ben & his dad.

Eating at Joes. Thomas does rabbit ears even to himself, apparently, not just other people.

Shane and I on the beach waiting for the sunset. Like I said, this was the trip of self-portraits.
The sunset on the beach. Beautiful! I'm so glad we caught one, even if it was cloudy.

My boys running around. I told them to stop and close their eyes and listen to the waves while we waited for the sun to set. After a moment, Thomas said to me, "Why are we doing this?" Kids.


Isabel said...

Becky, YOU LOOK GREAT. I love that you guys had so much fun. It sounds like you love the beach and the sun as much as I do.

Maybe you and I should move to California together. We could live on cereal and PB&J.