Saturday, October 3, 2009

I'm tired....

We drove to and from Zion National Park in the past 29 hours.

I'm tired.

But it was so worth it. To see Matt and his new wife Arikka looking so happy was worth all those hours in the car, driving. Plus, Shane and I had our first EVER get away together. It was fun, in all the ways getting away with your husband are supposed to be fun.

You know, like chatting and stuff.

But I'm so glad to be home again. My kids actually missed me as much as I missed them, which is reason enough to leave them, I guess.

So, have you left your kids before? Am I the only one that waits 8 years to do so?


Amy Sorensen said...

Sure.....chatting. ;)

We went to Hawaii for 10 days right after Haley turned two. I was a little freaked out about it but she was like, in classic Haley fashion, "See ya, mommy!" and had no troubles.

We also went to Bryce Canyon the summer before I got pregnant with Kaleb. That was a good trip, too. It's difficult to engineer a parental-unit getaway, but worth it!

Glad you had fun!!!

heidikins said...

I'm so glad you had some time alone! Huzzah!


Isabel said...

Yes Becky, you are the only person to wait 8 years to do this! :-)

Glad you had fun!

Chris Selander said...

Leaving mine tomorrow night so we can have a quick get away to Park City. We don't do it often, but thinks we should more!

Lucy said...

So, are you tempted to leave your kids more?

i have friends who insist that there is plenty of time later in life to be without kids and don't ever leave them. I have enjoyed the times when it's just me and Jay and, while I don't want to leave them behind everytime, every so often is really nice.

Glad you had the opportunity for...chatting:)