Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gratitude, part 6

I can't tell you how excited I am.

Back when I was a teenager and had an awesome older sister who hated it when I went in her room, I used to frequently sneak into said sister's room and listen to her cassette tapes.  She never knew about it until a few months ago, we were talking about old music.  I was trying to think of a band that I loved but had since forgotten the name of.

Oh, the attempts Amy and I made at figuring out this band.  I could remember the feeling of one of the songs, but none of the lyrics (helpful, I know.)  I kept telling her that I thought the band name started with the letter S, but couldn't go any farther.  We have wracked our brains.  She even gifted me a CD from the band Xymox, sure that it would turn out my desired band.  And while I enjoyed the Xymox CD very much, it failed to deliver the song I wanted.

Every now and again, Amy would call me and come up with random band names.  Each time I would have to say no.  I've wracked my brains on this since April.  April!

And now, to my intense pleasure and astonishment, I've had one of those moments.  You know, like the one Elizabeth Smart's sister had when she finally remembered her sister's kidnapper's name. A part of a song came back to me: "Save me, from the cold stone rain." (It should have been "sharp stone rain."  I must have been thinking of ice cream.  Mmmm, Cold Stone....)  I was sitting at work, in my cozy cubicle, and the words just sprung to mind.  I hurried and wrote them down on a piece of paper that I intended to come back to later on.

I recycled the paper when I left work, and never got the words off.  Ah!!

But, I knew that the breakthough had come.  I knew it had to do somehow with the word "stone, " so while on a drive through the neighborhood, the words came back to me, and I left them on Amy's answering machine.  Oh, the satisfaction.  I googled the words to the song, but couldn't find the band name (because of the unfortunate "cold stone"), so I was only partly satisfied.  That is, until today when the name of the band came to me: Vitamin Z.  Vitamin Z released a few albums back in the 80's, one of which my sister (obviously) bought.  I looked through the lyrics, and I found the songs I had been looking for.  Hooray for the internet!

So, today I am grateful for the tricks of memory that allow big sisters to come home, and little sisters to get the music they once risked sisterly wrath to listen to.  And I'm grateful I'll see Amy on Thursday, and the listening fest can begin.

So, did you ever sneak into your siblings rooms and do forbidden things?


Anonymous said...

I used to always sneak into my parents' room. They were always so secretive and even locked their door when they left the house so it was all to enticing to find the key and go on in.

Gosh, I hope my children never do this to me.

Apryl said...

I was waaaaaaay too much of a wimp to sneak into anyone's room. I couldn't even handle when people in movies or tv would sneak into people's rooms. (Hello, when you sneak into off-limit-places, that's when the axe murderer finds you! Did that ever happen to you in Amy's room?)

Amy Sorensen said...

OK: Cold stone rain. TOTALLY making me giggle here! And Apryl's comment....not exactly the axe murderer, but something relatively close!

As you know: I used to snoop. All the time. Under beds and in the dark recesses of closets and underneath boat covers. ;) It was delicious!

I'm glad you remembered the song!!!! See you on Thursday!!!! (Unless I forget...)

Chris Selander said...

LOL - I have that Vitamin Z tape and LOVE IT!!! Can't part with the tape because you can't get it on CD. Feel free to come over and listen to it with me anytime :)