Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Cards: The Journey

Every year, like most families, we do a picture for our Christmas cards.  As the Official Taker of Photos (since my husband claims I don't let him near the camera), I usually set up the picture.  This requires taking 1,674 pre-pictures to make sure that the picture is going to look good.  My family hates this process.

So they've started to rebel in the only way they can while stuck posing for pictures which won't be seen by anyone.  That is, until today.

Meet the Christmas cards that could have been, and the journey it took to get to The One.

Start out with a setting.

Add some people; oh, way too close! And find me a tripod, please.

And now cue the funny faces, and a feather (not sure what was up with the feather. Four year olds!)

Add in a mom, but refuse to keep your eyes open:

And a cat (but tell the kids to keep their eyes open, so they have really fake smiles)

And eventually, you have this. Not really Bucket the Cat's best side, but good enough.

So, are Christmas cards an epic journey at your house, too?


Melanie said...

Cute picture! I have yet to tackle the issue. I really wanted to have nice pictures taken this month, but John's been on nights and it's going to be too late by the time he's done. Should have done it in the fall!!! So I'm thinking snapshot of the kids? I'd rather not be in it anyway. (hee hee)

Amy Sorensen said...

Cute pics!!!

I've said this before, but I get post-traumatic photo-shoot syndrome after every Christmas picture. Like Melanie...maybe I'll just do the kids this year.