Friday, December 18, 2009

Making a list, checking it twice.

I think everyone has things that they have to do for it to feel like the holidays.  I've been working on my things for a few weeks now, and I think I'm about done.  So, without further ado, here are the things I can officially cross of my list (and some things we've been doing lately.)

The not so fun stuff:
  • Made the obligatory trip (ok, trips!) to the store to buy last minute items.  Yes, they have nicely accomplished the task of burying of my Christmas budget. So glad I can put a giant checkmark next to that one!
  • Started a sewing project that won't get done until way after the holidays. I think this has happened before...
  • Began wrapping presents.  Shane is so much better at this task than me (which really means he is better and more willing; I'm all for buying, not so much for wrapping.)
  • Had the discussion of what gets wrapped and what doesn't.  I would wrap (ok, volunteer Shane to wrap) almost everything, even stuff from The Big Guy, but he likes stuff set out.  We compromise after a while.  It's fun.  
  • Returned some stuff that I'd bought just days before, either because I messed up or it was suddenly less expensive. Seriously, I probably spend more gas driving back and forth than I save in getting deals.
And the good stuff:
  • Visited Temple Square to see the lights.  No, I don't have a toothache. Just couldn't round up a hat for myself. 

They thought they needed to touch the water in the reflecting pool. Kids and water, I swear!

  • Celebrated two work Christmas parties with much food and (non-alcoholic) drink.
  • Sent Christmas cards to many people I love. I've even received a few back.  Just so you know: if you ever send me a picture with your Christmas card, I will save it forever in a photo album.  I like to watch people and their families grow over the years.
  • Listened to many, many hours of Christmas music.  I will miss it when it goes away next week.
  • Sat and enjoyed the lights on the banister over the stairs.  I've been decorating with the same garland for my entire married life.  (I think that's a good thing.)  
  • We used to only have a Christmas tree downstairs until 2 years ago when I found a group of three little trees (I got them on Christmas Eve at Joann's for $6. Score!) So now I have Christmas upstairs and downstairs.  This makes me really happy.
  • Lamented the fact that it's almost here, and therefore almost over. I get sad when Christmas is over.  It's still a little bit magical.  Everyone stops thinking about themselves so much and reaches out to others.  I love it.
  • And, completely unrelated, I'm can't wait for Sherlock Holmes to come out.  You had me at Rachel McAdams and Jude Law......
And I'm sure there are things I'm forgetting, but I'll stick with that.  What things do you have to do in order for it to feel like Christmas?


Ginger said...

Cute pictures! So we have the same debate. Lane says wrap and I had my presents set out. However, in recent years I discovered that every time "santa" just set out the presents, he felt lazy and really he would have wrapped but he felt lazy.

Anonymous said...

When I was growing up, gifts from Santa were never wrapped. I was telling this to a lady from my ward the other day, and she thought that was crazy. When my dad re-married, Santa started wrapping gifts at my dad's house, and I thought that was weird.

Now that I have my own kids, Santa wraps things that wrap easily and leaved overly large or strangely shaped items unwrapped.

I'm sure you wanted to know...