Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm nearly there....

It's been a long journey, but I think I'm almost a real girl now.

Remember back in 2008? I decided to start wearing make-up after a 10+ year hiatus.  I tried a little harder by buying some mascara, which I have faithfully worn (most) days since.  So now, the days that I go to work, church, or even the mall, I usually leave the house with adorned eyelashes and even lipgloss.  What an improvement. 

I love you, Estee Lauder Double Wear. You never smudge on me.

Last fall, we went on vacation.  The humidity inspired me to let my hair be on vacation too, which meant I did it curly everyday.  After a week of scrunching my hair, I kept it up when we came home.  Then we went to a wedding in Zion and I was inspired to use something to keep my curly hair curly.  It's simple really: hairspray.  In 2004 or 2005 I borrowed a bottle from a family member, but hadn't bought a single bottle since.  Ironically, I had bought the hairspray back in May when my boys decided to shave their heads so they could have spikey hair.  While packing for the wedding, I threw the hairspray in on a whim.  Surprise, surprise, it worked.  I've since gone through that bottle and am mostly through another.  So, in 2009, I discovered hairspray.  A revelation, really.  And I've had curly hair ever since.

Tresemme' hair spray: you and and your cousin mousse have been good to me.

So, this brings us to my latest discovery.  I have a very stylish friend who always has the poshest shoes.  She's even trained her husband to recognize a peep-toe pump from 2 blocks away.  I've grown covetous of her shoe attire lately, so I took a little trip into the shoe store on Friday and came away with these little ditties.  They are so much higher than anything I've worn in years.  And I love them and wish I could wear them every day. Proof: I wore them Friday to a wedding dinner, Saturday to the wedding, Sunday to church, and today to work.  I'm loving them.

You might pinch my toes a little, but hey, you're worth it.

Hairspray, shoes, makeup, lipgloss, doing my hair in something other than a ponytail/bun.  I figure I'm almost there.  Give me a few years, I might shave my legs on a regular basis (but this hasn't happened in the 16 years my husband has known me, so don't hold your breath.)  But I'm this close to being a real girl. In my all-boy household, I figure I might as well dress someone up.

Have you made any discoveries that seem obvious to the rest of the female world?


Amy Sorensen said...

REALLY blonde hair and some plastic surgery: 2011 and 2012!!! ;) This post seriously made me smile. And I love the shoes!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute shoes!! I have always thought you look cute so I didn't even know you were on this journey.


Apryl said...

Those shoes are awesome. I like those thick heels, they're SO much more comfortable than the pointy ones. I have a pair of old-lady aerosoles (but they're so cute, really), and I could wear them all day.
Since watching 500 Days of Summer, I've been on a similar crusade. Dressing up is fun.

Melanie said...

Love the shoes! Can't wait to see you wearing them! I'm a girly-girl as far as shoes go, but I'm struggling right now just to sneak in a shower. Make-up and hair are real bonuses when I can manage them.

I'm with Ginger - you've always looked cute. But I've definitely noticed that your hair has looked awesome every time I've seen you. I'm very jealous of the natural curl, and your natural beauty. :)

Sue Stanley said...

Cute Shoes Becky!!! Where did you get them?? Hope everything is going will for you. Love Ya! Oh and how did Jacqui's wedding go?

Anonymous said...

Next up... knee-high boots!

Lucy said...

cute everything! I'll have to try that mascara. I hate most of the brands out there. Everything smudges.

Love the baby steps, though you probably didn't need them. You are a natural beauty.