Monday, January 4, 2010

New years resolution failure #1

So, my kids got DS Lites for Christmas.  Thomas had been begging for one forever (actually, he wanted a DSI, but I didn't want to pay for one, so he got the Lite. Eh.) and I knew I couldn't get one for him and not have one for Ben.  I wanted Shane and me to get the credit for them, so they came from us.  I found a few games at Game Stop which sells used games (hey, they work the same; we washed one of Ben's the day after Christmas and it still worked perfectly. Go figure.) and we were home free.

So, as I mentioned, I gave a four year old a piece of technology with really really tiny game attachments.  In addition, Ben has this possessiveness about his things that came out yesterday when he discovered his brother playing his favorite game (Mario Kart).  So, as any four year old would do, he decided to hide the game (or so he said.) And the place he decided to hide it was in the couch.

We spent over an HOUR searching the couch.  I imagined my kid shoving that tiny game cartridge as far as he could into any cranny in the couch.  I had my arm inside the crevices of the couch past my elbow, feeling around for the game.  I found a long hole in the bottom (that I didn't know was there) and so I had Shane lift up the couch while I searched the hole for the game.  We even tipped the couch up on end so that if the game was anywhere inside the couch, it would fall to the corner I could reach.  Yeah, it wasn't anywhere.

You guessed it if you are imagining that I lost my temper.  The thing that made me mad was that he hid it so that Thomas couldn't play it.  I was floored at how calculating he was.  And with the game lost, he couldn't play it either.  Granted, it's a stupid game, but it's the principle of the idea.  And I can't stand when something is lost; it wears on my brain and I cannot stop until I find the lost item.

So, I had failure #1 (that I'm admitting to, at least.)  Of course, an hour after I yelled at my kid for losing his game and for hiding it (because they were two separate things in my head), Ben was getting ready for bed.  And guess what was stuck to his stomach, just below his belly button?

You guessed it.  It wasn't in the couch at all. He'd shoved it down his pants for safekeeping, then forgot about it.  Why didn't I think of that?  But to hear Thomas tell the story is the best.  He adds at the end that his brother "had the game stuck to his bladder."  I giggle a little every time I hear him say it. Kids.

So, 4 days in I'm already breaking my resolution.  How about you?


Amy Sorensen said...

One of my resolutions: be better at keeping the Sabbath.

First Sunday of the month: I have to run to Albertsons because I forgot to buy potatoes for Jake's birthday dinner.

I made it three days in.

I suck!

Anonymous said...

I am laughing so hard at this!


Apryl said...

Those DS games are SUCH A PAIN! They are waaaaaaaaaaaay too small. Seriously, Nintendo? At least Ben's bladder is OK... And want to know how I'm doing on my resolutions? Yeah, I didn't really set them yet. I've PROCRASTINATED SETTING RESOLUTIONS. What does that tell you?