Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dear Carpool Buddy:

The past 10 years have been great.  I never thought I would enjoy driving to work with you so much, but I did.  The times that we have spent together have been priceless. Even when we were mad at each other & didn't talk, or when I was grumpy because I didn't think we would make it to the train, I loved it.

I will miss you.  I've known that this day would come eventually, but it still makes me sad.  How many husbands and wives get to spend nearly an hour each day without kids listening?  I (secretly) loved when you would swear, just because you could. I liked watching you hotfoot it through the store so we could still get the kids on time on days when we also needed to pick up french bread.  I admit that our trip to Walgreens while I was pregnant with Thomas (when I barely made it to the bathroom to throw up) is one of my favorite memories. 

Thanks for putting up with me.  Thank you for saving gas money with me.  Thanks for listening to sports radio so that I could finish that last chapter of my book.


Love, Me


Apryl said...

Awww, so sweet. Last day of work? (I also love with The Husband watches sports so I don't feel guilty for reading.)

Jeanette said...

So why are you no longer carpooling?

Isabel said...

What a sweet blessing this must have been. I know that my marriage could use some uninterrupted time like this. Good for you guys for taking advantage of it.

Melanie said...

Oh, I'm sad for you that it's over. You'll miss that time! There was a little while when we lived with my parents when John was in school and I worked at the hospital and we would drive in from Bountiful together. We had so much fun in the mornings! We still talk about those times. :)