Friday, May 14, 2010


  • Granite is not forgiving.  Good think IKEA has cheap glasses, I think we will be going through a lot of them.
  • 6:15 on my day off is really. super. early.  But helping out my cousin with his cute 2 year-old is worth it.
  • I forgot how many people talk to little kids in the store.  Especially when the kid has a copper-colored mohawk (not curently spiked, I might add. I'll let his dad do that.)
  • I also forgot how fun it can be taking a 2 year-old in the store (when there aren't any other children around; that needed a qualifier!) They don't ask for stuff or whine, just ask "What's that?" about everything and sit semi-contendly in the cart.  I think I miss having a little one around....
  • It is possible to clean a bathroom before 7:30 am.  Who knew?
  • Running a cool marathon relay tomorrow.  Shane and I are both running the 5 mile leg of the Ogden Marathon.  There are 5 legs: 7, 6, 5, 4, and 3.  So excited.  I hope that the fact that I haven't ran 5 miles for 9 months won't hamper me too much.  Distance is mostly in your head, right?
  • I'm loving KSL lately. I got two new-to-me barstools for $40.  Those things are a dime a dozen on that site, I swear.  Yay for me!
  • I've entered the world of texting.  Who knew it could be so fun?
  • I've never had access to the backyard from my house before. Now I do. And I also realize why they invented glass cleaner.
  • Two-year-olds take naps.  I'd forgotten.  Blessed naps!!!
  • I'm not really looking forward to getting up at the crack of dawn to go and run.  That is the least-enjoyed aspect of races for me.  Seriously, can't they start at 10:30 or something?
  • Crushed ice is a gift from heaven.  Mmmmm....
So what random thoughts do you have today?


Amy Sorensen said...

Hope your race is AWESOME tomorrow!