Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our life of crime begins...

Since Shane changed jobs, I've been driving our Xterra.  Until 2 years ago, this was "my" car (I say "my" because Shane just really wanted it, and so he let me drive it for 4 years until we finally got a car and he admitted that it was always really his.) Well, it isn't very economical to drive so I won't let him drive it to work 5 days a week. Instead, I take it on the days I work.  So I guess now it's mine again.

However, the air conditioning has been going out for a while.  So we took it down to the auto repair shop tonight. As an added bonus (because who doesn't love taking a vehicle to the repair shop? Whee!) we took Shane's jeep as our means to get home.  We had already dropped the Xterra off and put the keys in the little door at the repair shop.  I thought to myself, Wow, I hope Shane threw the keys in a good way because it wouldn't be that hard to reach in the little door and grab the keys and take our Xterra.

We were most of the way home and were discussing dropping me off at Walmart to shop.  Shane all of a sudden stops talking and says, "Did you get the garage door opener?"

Oh snap.  I didn't get the garage door opener.

Nor do we have a key.

We are locked out of our house.  All the doors are locked.  There is literally no way into our house.

Unless: our one glimmer of hope is if we can get the key from off the floor of the repair shop, we can get the door opener from the Xterra.

So, praying all the while, we drive back to the repair shop.  Where I once was hoping Shane had thrown the key in a good way, I was now praying he hadn't. As we pull up, I hope that no one driving by wonders why we are sticking our arms (and our children's arms, because not only are they excited, but are fighting about who gets to try to get the keys) through the slot in the repair shop's door.  My arm can't reach. Shane's arm doesn't fit.  Thomas' isn't long enough.

So we get a pipe.  The pipe works nicely to scoot the keys over enough for Thomas to grab them.  We quickly unlock the car, get the door opener, and lock it back up.  I threw the keys in a good long way, having realized how easy it would have been for someone to steal my car.

Or break into it, just like me and my kids just did.  Awesome.


Anonymous said...

Whoa! That was lucky! Kind of...

Amy Sorensen said...

This gives me flashbacks to that time I almost put MY car keys in the drop box for the rental car. Remember?

Now I have a slight stomach ache. ;)