Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gratitude 17: Thanksgiving Eve

I love Thanksgiving Eve!  Tonight I:
  • Made my first ever lemon meringue pie.  I had never a - separated an egg; b - whipped egg whites; c - shredded a lemon peel.  Wow, I'm pretty lame to have never done those things probably.  I even had to borrow a grater for the lemon peel.
  • Made two pie crusts.  The first one I didn't like; it tasted weird and I thought it was because I used salted butter. I went back to the store and got the kind of butter I used a few weeks ago for my first pie crust. The second turned out a lot better in almost every way.  I'm learning pie crusts are tricky!
  • Made two batches of Thanksgiving crescent rolls. It wouldn't be Thanksgiving Eve if I didn't smell scalded milk sweetened with butter and sugar.
  • Forgot to add salt to one of the batches of rolls. Oops.  Not sure what effect this will have on the rolls, sigh.
  • Listened to the awesome Christmas tunes Amy gave me a few years ago.  Nothing like Rob Thomas singing Merry New York Christmas to get me in the Thanksgiving mood.
  • Spent an hour cleaning the kitchen. 
  • Cooked my sweet potatoes for tomorrow. My mouth is watering thinking about those brown-sugared puppies tomorrow.  Mmm.  I never ever imagined I would like sweet potatoes as much as I do. 
What traditions do you have for Thanksgiving Eve?  Did you try anything new this year?


Anonymous said...

Great work! Sweet potatoes are the best!

Please don't tell anyone, but I've never had a Thanksgiving food assignment. Isn't that awesome?

Happy T-Day!

Ginger said...

Wow, look at you! I just have to make a green salad and place cards. lucky? I don't know or maybe just not trusted with food. ;) Happy Thanksgiving!

heidikins said...

I made my first lemon merengue pie this year too! It may have been a little lumpy (blasted cornstarch!), but it tasted delicious!