Monday, November 8, 2010

Gratitude 7: The NFL

Shane is a Steeler fan.  For much of our married life, we slept under a Steeler blanket. We have a Steeler clock. I once got Steeler pajamas for Christmas, and the boys got light covers with - you guessed it - Steeler logos.

When I was pregnant with Thomas, Shane bought him a jersey.  Size 8, boys.  It looked more like a christening dress than football paraphernalia, but whatever.  That year, on the Monday night when the Steelers played, I put Thomas in his Steeler jersey and took his picture with Shane, who was also wearing a jersey.  It looked like this:

Wow, my husband was hott....Oh, and Thomas is 2 months here. He loves his outfit, can't you tell?

I've kept up the tradition. It is the only time during the year when Shane asks me to take his picture.  The rest of the time he hides from the camera.  When Ben came along, we bought another (size 8) jersey.  Now Thomas has almost outgrown both jerseys, and Ben is starting to fit into his.  I love these pictures.  I can remember taking each and every one of them.  Here they are:

Thomas at 1. I'm not sure what the black eye was from.  Like his skull cap?

2 years old

3 years old.  I was pregnant with Ben when I took this picture.

 Thomas 4 years old, Ben 10 months

Thomas 5, Ben 1 

Ben 2, Thomas 6

 Thomas 7, Ben 3

 Thomas 8, Ben 4

And tonight, Thomas 9, Ben 5.  The first picture that isn't taken in our old house. Kind of sad.

So tonight, I'm grateful for my boys.  And for the NFL creating an annual event in which I get to take their pictures all together in matching outfits.  (It's almost as good as having girls.  Almost.)


Melanie said...

So cute! I've always loved your tradition - such a fun way to see how the boys change from year to year. They're such cuties! :)