Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gratitude 9: Beaters and bowls.

Subtitle: Fare thee well, old friend.

Sub-subtitle: Get along little doggy.

I'm not much of a baker. I feel bad admitting this but it's true. I wish I could say that I make cookies and cakes and breads all the time for my family, but that is far from the truth.

In a kind-of related way, I have an old mixer. Like 20+ years. I can remember being in gymnastics when my parents bought it from the ZCMI housewares department.  When my mom replaced this mixer with a new one, she passed it down to me.  I have used it, in my dessert-challenged way, most of my married life.  But the gears are all stripped in the beaters which makes it sound like a freight train rumbling through my kitchen when it's turned on.  And when I think about Thanksgiving and its requisite 2 batches of hot buttery crescent rolls, a feeling told me that I need to make a purchase.  And while I found one on KSL, I realized for a little more, I could have my own, grown-up kind of mixer.  I thought about it all day; covetous thoughts raced through my mind as I viewed photos on the internet of bright and shiny red and black and white and silver mixers.

Last spring, when Shane got his TV from the Sam's Club, he said he felt 10 feet tall walking out.  Like he was in a commercial where all the other men walking out behind him look covetously at his cart, wishing they were pushing out a TV instead of 35 pounds of dog food and some hamburger. 

I felt like that tonight when I left the Kohl's with a new mixer.  Even better: it was on sale, and I had a 30% off coupon.  All I could think of is Thanksgiving Eve in two weeks when I fire up that puppy and make some rolls.  Maybe whip up some egg whites for a lemon-meringue pie. 

I am so excited.  And grateful.  And amazed.  It just looks so awesome sitting on the counter.

So, old mixer, see you later.  You have been a good and faithful servant.

Hello KitchenAid.  You made me feel like a hero tonight.

So have you ever coveted an appliance? Is there anything better than bright and shiny electronics sitting on your counter?


Apryl said...

We don't even have a microwave right now. Or a toaster! But let me tell you about all the cool kitchen stuff I have in storage! 30 boxes worth!!!
Congratulations on your new mixer. It looks wonderful. (And it makes bread making SO MUCH EASIER! You only have to knead bread if you're mad at your husband or have a little too much energy to burn off.)