Friday, December 24, 2010

Abundance, Tradition, Gratitude

I love Christmas Eve. It can be so peaceful, and yet so not. I love the excitement and feel in the air.

I was looking at the abundance that we have. I have a house to live in and neighbors who I love and who have showered us with food and love this holiday season. I have two sweet boys and a great husband. I have parents who love me and sisters. I have friends who bring so much joy to my life. The blessings are abundant indeed.

Tonight I prepared our breakfast for tomorrow: pull-a-part rolls. It wouldn't be Christmas without them. I can remember having them every Christmas growing up and have continued the tradition for many years. Mmm, I can't wait for them tomorrow morning.

My kids opened their traditional Christmas Eve gift: new pajamas. I imagine almost every mom and dad in the western world does this. I am always amazed that they are surprised at their new jammies every year. But the year they expect them will be a little sad, I'll admit. It will mean they are growing up.

I am so grateful. I have so much. Thank you for being my friend or sister or virtual friend or complete stranger who visits my blog. Thanks for reading my thoughts and rants. You add so much to my life.

Merry Christmas. I hope that this wonderful holiday will be good to you.
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Ginger said...

Good to know you had a good Christmas. I love to read your blog!