Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Random Things: 12 days before Christmas Edition

  1. I am not ready for Christmas.  Did you read that? Not ready.  Not just emotionally, but present-wise either.  Argh.  I keep buying things but they aren't the things I should be buying. 
  2. Last night, Shane thought we should buy his aunt this.  He has suggested it on more than one occasion. I'm not sure what to think of it. Does he just want it for himself? I don't get it.
  3. I don't want to ever take down my Christmas tree.  I love love sparkly Christmas lights.  I could look at them all night.  Do you think people will think it's weird if they come over in March and it's still up?
  4. I have finished two sewing projects in the past 24 hours. Who knew?  So glad they are almost done.  I keep wanting to make some of these as gifts for neighbors and friends, but I have yet to start any.  Did I mention I've been making a gift for my best friend's wedding gift since September? And that she got married in July? Right on time, right on time.  What is the likelihood of me finished even 1 mug rug in a month, let along 12 days.  Lame.  But I think I'm going to try.
  5. Two websites I'm currently dying over:  Yoga Download and Half Ebay.  Holy cow! Free yoga classes (or super cheap; $1.49 download that you can have forever!) and books for .75 cents? Are you kidding me?  Check them out.
  6. Just watched the Christmas Glee episode. I am really starting to like Glee.  I might be a Gleek.  Can we still be friends?
  7. Books have been scarce this year.  I did read Unwind (it was fabulous, if you are interested.)  And I bought the new Kate Morton book The Distant Hours.  I am disappointed so far (150+ pages in.) So sad. I wanted something I loved as much as The Forgotten Garden. Sad.
  8. Ben lost his first tooth on Shane's birthday.  The our 13 year-old babysitter pulled it out for him (she said she didn't mind; in fact, her exact words were "I pulled out all of mine. And some of my brothers." She has 5 younger brothers. I bet she's pulled some teeth! It was cute, though.)  And while I love my kids believing in the jolly fat man, the Tooth Fairy could go by the wayside and I wouldn't. Mind. At. All.
  9. Is today the first day of Christmas?  Or was it yesterday?  I don't know if the 12 days of Christmas end on the 24th or 25th so I hope I'm doing it right.  Either way, I wish you either a partridge in a pear tree or 2 turtle doves.  Why are there so many birds in the 12 days I ask?
  10. If only I was one of those mothers who think of fun things to do for the 12 days of Christmas for their kids. Sigh, maybe in another life.
So what is random for you this first (or second, depending on the ending day) day of Christmas?  


Amy Sorensen said...

If it makes you feel any better...I am right now knee-deep in making twenty quilted gifts. Granted: they're small. But they are taking forever. My advice: make just enough that the cutting part is well-spent, but not so many that you might go insane. Also, consider this: it isn't the piecing and the quilting that takes any time at all. It is the binding. ARG!!!!

Amy Sorensen said...

Oh, I forgot to add:

#1: me either. AT. ALL. I keep going out to shop and buying stuff for myself because I don't know what to get my kids.
#2: J & N both put that on their list.

#6: H & J watch Glee. I don't. Should I be concerned? They promise me they fast forward through the naughty bits...but I'm mostly not buying it.

#7. I'm glad you liked Unwind! Maybe you need to go on a Teen Dystopia Reading Spurt. Want some titles?