Friday, January 21, 2011

Right now...

So, I'm totally copying my SDBBE-sista Britt on her fabulous post this week. (I loved it Britt! Enough to give the most sincere form of flattery.)  So, at this very moment in time, I am:

Digesting: Chinese food. Mm, nothing like Kung Pao chicken and fried rice....

Thinking: I should go get my kids from their grandma's house.  They are in wooden-castle-building heaven right now, so I'm not rushing over too quickly.

Wanting: some chocolate.  I turn to chocolate the minute I give up soda.  I don't know why that is...

Wishing: I had something to sew on.  I put my sewing machine away after my Christmas plethora of sewing and haven't mustered the gumption to get it back out.

Feeling: that I should have spelled the "get" in the previous sentence "git" with all the "mustering" and "gumption" talk.  Maybe "spelled" should have been "spelt" too.

Wearing: PJs! Are you surprised?

Watching: reruns of Mad Men.  Donald Draper having a Meredith Grey moment of introspection and narration.  I like it, Shane doesn't.

Giggling: over a comment I made on a blog today.  I love it when I entertain myself.  I am hoping she was as entertained.

Needing: to try on the new running tank I bought at Kohl's tonight with some in-store-credit we had from Christmas returns.  It's orange and will make me look a little like a creamsicle.  So I should wear black instead of white shorts, I'm thinking...

Reading: The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox.  Anyone out there read it?  I told you I'm grasping at straws lately.

Hoping: my mom and sister and nieces are having a nice time on their cruise.  This week my kids assaulted me at the door of their babysitter's with the question of whether we were going on a Disney Cruise.  I told them the 5th of never, or maybe when we get enough from our tax return (so pretty much the 5th of never.)

Defending: my stance on movies.  Shane mentioned a movie tonight as an option for something to do tonight (you know, as opposed to spending in-store-credit at Kohl's) and my first question was "What's it rated?" It just came out and now he's been teasing me all night.  I'm not a movie-rating snob, just highly picky over what I spend money on watching.

Petting: a little white cat who enjoys attacking people who visit my house and are brave enough to try and engage her.

Pushing: said cat onto the floor because she just bit me.  I'm pretty sure she thinks she's a rottweiler...

Liking: the quiet in my house, but also

Missing: my kids. And even their noise (just a little.)

What verb describes your evening?


Anonymous said...

Dude! I was at Kohls last night, too!

If you're hankerin' to use words like 'git' and 'spelt' then you're in perfect condition to read Cold Sassy Tree.

Apryl said...

Jillian is trying to kill you AND your boy? Good for you for sticking with it. Isn't it nice when kids get over the "crawl on mom whenever she's on the floor trying to exercise" phase?

Lucy said...

I think this is really cute. I love hearing your inner monologue. It's even better than Don Draper's AND Meredith Grey's:)