Thursday, March 31, 2011

10-ish for March

10 things making me happy this month:
  1. Paid off Christmas! Woooo whooo!
  2. Had the stomach flu, but didn't ever have to throw up.
  3. My tiny little new daffodils bloomed. They are the cutest things ever! 
  4. I also have 3 crocus.  Am wondering what happened to my crocus?
  5. Read 3 awesome books, including The Book Thief, Year of Wonders, and The Reapers are the Angels.  All read on the recommendation of awesome people I know in real life and on the internet.
  6. Didn't spend a dime at Kohl's.  What an accomplishment!
  7. Seeing almost all of my nieces and nephews in the space of a week.
  8. I even had one of them sleep over.  I love watching my kids make memories with their cousins, and having my nephews around so they can remember me.  Family gatherings are hectic and it's hard to get a lot of individual interaction with them. 
  9. That Thomas finished his science fair project. Man, the things I didn't know I was signing up for when I had babies....
  10. That Ben's surgery on his tongue went well.  We got the pathology report on it yesterday and it was clean - what  relief!!

9 random things:
  1. I have my own copy of The Book Thief.  I have never read this copy, but 3 of my friends have (2 this month!)
  2. I looked out of my window while doing dishes today and somehow imagined my backyard looked onto Timpanogas the way my sister's does.  I seriously looked out and expected to see that beautiful mountain glistening in the distance.  It was a reality shock to see just houses and some very distant mountains.  It was weird.
  3. I love allowing myself 1 (or sometimes 2!) cokes per week.
  4. I really wanted to do Lent.  I made it through one day of my decided-upon Lent sacrifice.  Only 1. It's just a weekly goal, but last Friday found me not feeling it at all.  I am a Lent failure.
  5. I dropped my visa in between the cash register and the twirly thing that holds the grocery sacks at Walmart.  I had to leave it there because it was impossible to retrieve.  My husband was so proud...
  6. I spent copious amounts of time watching Biggest Loser season 11 on Hulu.  I really like Kourtney and Rulon.  I've never watched it before, but I really got addicted after a few episodes.  I'm all caught up now, which is awesome because Hulu doesn't let you skip past commercials the way my DVR does. Insert maniacal laughter.
  7. Sometimes, I just wish we could turn off the Disney Channel.  Really.
  8. My cat eats paper.  She walks around and meows crazily and tears it up into little pieces. It sucks.
  9. Thanks to the Biggest Loser, I kind of want to take up boxing.  Anyone else?

8 Reasons today was awesome.
  1. It was 68 degrees. 
  2. The wind was in the perfect direction during my run.
  3. My kids both had a friend come over.
  4. I got to drive home an extra time from karate because my eldest forgot his karate pants. Yay!
  5. I blogged twice today.
  6. I saw my awesome friend Britt.
  7. My other friend Melanie agreed to go to Costco with me so I can buy toilet paper.  We are pretty much limited to what is on the holders at this point.  Scary.
  8. 4 different people came to my door and my cat didn't bit any of them.

6 things coming up April:
  1. Running a free 5k with Salt Lake Running Company.
  2. Training for Ogden Marathon Relay.  Going to try to keep running after our leg and finish the half marathon (pray for me!!  If the training doesn't kill me, the race might.)
  3. A bridal shower
  4. A relief society activity
  5. A baby shower
  6. A new nephew

5 songs that got me through March:
  1. Black and Blue, Counting Crows
  2. Landslide, Glee Cast
  3. The Wall, Pink Floyd (not one song, but I listened to it nonstop.) 
  4. Dog Days are Over, Florence + The Machine (I just downloaded it today!)
  5. My Life Would Suck Without You, Glee cast (I feel so ashamed - it's so over dramatic, but I love it!)

3 things to be grateful for:
  1. My kids
  2. My knees
  3. The laser hair removal groupon I just bought.  Sorry, TMI??

2 TV series we are watching a lot lately thanks to Netflix:
  1. Lost
  2. Man vs Wild

Didn't make it to 10.  But thanks for sticking with me!!  March was a great month.  Did anything good happen to you in March?


Thomas Family said...

well, maybe as soon as this baby is born I will live by you and we can do boxing together!! I want to do it so bad, but i'm not sure i'm in the best of shape to be jumping right into it, but I guess if the biggest loser can do it to those peoples I guess I can too!! I am DETERMINED to lose weight after this child.. I need my body back!! :) I love you!
p.s. Jayven asks about the boys all the time!! Maybe we should consider a sleepover for them as well! ;)

Isabel said...

I love the list. Glad the pathology report came back okay. Sorry you lost your credit card. Sorry Timpanagoes isn't outside your window. And never feel ashamed about your love of soda, Biggest Loser and Glee.

Anonymous said...

Your cat bit ME!!! But I'm invincible so it's okay.

I DID spend a dime at Kohl's this month (a really big dime), but it's been a while, so I think it's okay.

Congratulations on your hair removal.

Lucy said...

I think you're adorable and am so glad march was good to you. I loved The Book Thief but year of Wonders, not so much.

I miss Kohls. They have the best sales.

Good luck with your hair removal!

Amy Sorensen said...

I'm sad Lucy didn't like Year of Wonders. I think I love everything Geraldine Brooks writes. Every so often I google her just to see if anything new is coming out. Not yet!

Glad your daffs bloomed. You should document them with a photo or two!

Science fairs: ugggg. I am so not good at the science fair thing.

Here. I just looked out my window at Timp for you. It is snow-covered and reflecting the moonlight. Sigh. Bliss. ;)

I am drinking a Cherry Coke right now. I don't like it as much as Pepsi so I am safe.

SOOOOOO glad Ben's surgery & path is OK!

My new favorite batch of running music is from La Roux. You should give it a listen!

Where are you getting your hair removed? (Which spot, I mean.) Your chin??? ;) TOTALLY joking! love you!