Saturday, March 19, 2011

Right now: The Last Day of Winter Edition

Excited: about the new weeping snow fountain cherry tree Shane planted in the yard today.  We had one in our old house and I've missed it!  Looking forward to seeing those popcorn-esque blossoms in a few weeks...

Stunned: that purple is back in style. I had a $10 off coupon to Gap today and what to my wondering eyes should appear but purple as far my eye could see. I found an awesome purpley shirt for $15.  It's very likely I'll be wearing it at church tomorrow.

Tired: from running.  I did a big run (for me) on Thursday morning, and then ran again with a new friend this morning. I'm finally starting to get back to where I was before last fall's disastrous blood donation.  Such a relief!  But yeah, tonight I'm sore.

Satisfied: by the Cafe Rio salad I just ate.  Mm.  And I hardly feel any guilt that I'm allowing myself my one soda for the week.  Cafe Rio has Vanilla Coke on tap.  Oh, yum.

Grateful: for Shane's grandma.  She crocheted a gorgeous runner for my mantle and brought it up to me yesterday.  She made it the twin of the one she made a few years ago for my piano.  She is so talented and I love having bits of her handiwork around my house.  They will be something I treasure forever.  I told Shane if he ever divorces me, the table runners stay with me.  He tried to argue, but I think I got him in the end.

Watching: Lost, Season One. It's fun to watch the beginning while knowing the end.  Maybe that is how God feels, watching us bumbling around this earth, making ruckus with the natives and finding buried hatches.

Wanting: to decorate for spring.  I still have snowmen and angels out, the leftovers from my post-Christmas decorating depression.  I bought some cute easter eggs from Tai Pan a few weeks ago, and I think they will look a lot better on my hall table than stuck inside my hutch.

Wishing: I was by the beach, or somewhere warm.  San Diego, where are you when I need you?

Disliking: the time change.  I would much rather go to sleep (and wake up) on the old, later schedule.  Although it is nice to be able to do something after dinner than sit and watch TV.

Needing: to get going on my sewing.  I have at least four more blankets to make for various babies who will entering the world soon.  Is it just me, or is everyone pregnant this year?

Enjoying: watching Ben learn how to read and write.  He's always asking how to spell things lately so he can write little notes, and sometimes he tries to spell things on his own.  Right now there is a sign on his door that says, "No girls allowed. Only boys awesome."  And last night he drew a picture for each of us and wrote that he loved us (he always draws a heart to say love.)  On the last one he wrote "I (heart) evrewunu."  I think the last "u" is to make the "uh" sound at the end of one.  So cute.

So that is what is happening right now for you?  And please, don't mind the migration of my verb tenses - it was harder to keep them consistent than I expected!


Lucy said...

Fun update! I miss Cafe Rio. And you! Glad you're feeling your running groove.

Apryl said...

Oh Ben! SO CUTE!!! I love kid notes, and his sound especially adorable.
I also dislike the time change. Also, I must be getting really old if one hour can cause that much devastation to my schedule.

Ginger said...

nope its not just you. Everyone is prego..