Monday, May 2, 2011

10 or so for April

Ten family things that I don't want to forget:

1.  Thomas and Ben went back on track for the last time in their respective grades (fourth and kindergarten.)  I can't believe the school year will be over in 6 weeks.
2.  Thomas went the the district science fair.  He did an experiment on teeth where he soaked them in different liquids then tracked how discolored and broken down they became.  He worked really hard on it, and I was proud of him for going so far.  I don't think I did a science fair my entire school career, so it was a new experience for all of us.
3.  Ben got "pro" status at Wii tennis (you know, my life-long dream for one of my children.)  He is very determined, but not much fun to play with as he either gloats over his wins or cries over his losses.  He got so mad at Shane the other night when Shane dared to talk smack back to him that I wondered if he would ever be friends with his dad again.  He was sobbing and I went in to talk to him and his body was about 10 degrees hotter than normal from the anger he was feeling.  I don't know what I will do with him.
4.  I took Thomas to work with me one day for Bring your Daughter or Son to Work day.  It was really fun having him with me on the drive to work and walking around with him in my building.  I remember going to my mom's work when I was young and being so fascinated with everything; I think he felt something similar.  It was fun spending time with him.
5.  We had Easter at my sister's house instead of my mom's for the first time ever.  It was different, but showed that even if the place is different, the feeling can be the same.
6.  Ben lost his second tooth.  I pulled it, but I have to admit I hate that squelchy pop that results from all the tugging.
7.  We all anxiously awaited the new house across the street to get inhabitants.  We were hoping and praying for someone with a big family to move in.  In the end, a single man with one part-time child bought the house. Just our luck.  (I mean, I'm sure he's nice, but we wanted more. Sigh.)
8.  Shane set the pace for our long runs.  He would set the bar on Sunday when he ran, then I would run to catch up to him on Thursday.  I finally topped him the week I did 11 after his 10 on Sunday.  I compete; I just do it sneakily.  It is a relief to know we are both ready for our upcoming races.
9.  Ben now rides his bike when we go on walks.  Until this month, he would ride his scooter while Thomas rode his bike and me and Shane walked, but now he's big and has to ride.  Just another way that they are growing up, sniff.
10. (I can't think of a 10th.  I suck!)

9 things about half marathon training:
1.  Your niece will think you are a fruitcake when she comes over and you are 1 mile into an 8 mile treadmill run.  But she'll still hang out and take care of the kids for you.  Awesome.
2.  Gu chomps are the bomb.
3.  Music is a lifesaver.
4.  As long as your head is in the game, you can run any distance.
5.  11 miles doesn't feel much different than 7 or 8.
6.  Nike makes the very very best jackets.  I could live in mine.  Oh wait, I almost do.
7.  New running shoes make you feel really awesome.
8.  Wind can either be your best friend or worst enemy.  And you can experience this dichotomy on the same run.
9.  I don't know what I would have done without my Nano. I love it when it tells me how many miles I've finished. 

8 things that were great about April:

1. I saw a Harry Potter 7 part 2 trailer. I got goosebumps and might have wanted to cry a few times. So excited for it to come out!
2. I finished two of the 4 baby blankets I've been planning to make all year. I'm a real go getter in the sewing department!
3. I made Shane an awesome earwarmer (for running), since his favorite one was lost a year ago.
4. The unseasonable cold made for good running weather.
5. I did a free 5k with Salt Lake Running Company. It was so fun to run a flat course with no wind and lots of beautiful trees. The snow that had fallen the night before had stuck to all the trees along the course. Even though it was sunny and blue skies, the snow kept drifting down on top of me as I ran. Beautiful.
6. I made it all the way through all the conference talks. I chipped away at them week by week until I'd listening to them all. I can never listen to all of conference during conference weekend. Plus it's hard to take it all in.
7. My once-a-week soda resolve went out the window. The last week of April I positively bathed in Coke at every opportunity. Yes! I love when I restart bad habits.
8. It's Cafe Rio's fault. They have Vanilla Coke on tap. It is the perfect mix. I think about it often.

7 books I read all or part of in April:
1.  Cold Sassy Tree
2.  Harry Potter 2 (Thomas is reading it, and sometimes I read along with him.)
3.  East of Eden
4.  Juliet
5.  A Discovery of Witches
6.  Nell gets a Pet (gotta love Phonics Readers!)
7.  The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake

6 things I took pictures of:
1.  The snow melting on the mountain.  It looks like marshmallow fondant the way it melts in the sun.  I couldn't get the right shot no matter what I did.
2.  My mini daffodils.
3.  My tulips.
4.  Easter grouplings of my kids, sisters, nieces, nephews.
5.  My kids (I took their photos and even printed them out.  Who knew?)
6.  The baby animals at Wheeler Farm.  Especially the goats, who were getting pepto bismal administered to them.  There is something funny about a goat with pink pepto lipstick.

Copious amounts of babies were born to:

1. A first cousin once removed
2. A niece
3. A former co-worker (have made blanket, but need to finish)
4. A former neighbor
5. A current neighbor

4 Places we ate:
1.  Cafe Rio
2.  Sampan
3.  Iggy's
4.  The Red Iguana (I'm still thinking about their enchiladas.  Oh, I want some right. now!

1 thing I said a lot:
"It's April."


Anonymous said...

I love Vanilla Coke. I wish they had it more places like they did back in '02 when it first came out. They used to have it at Winder Dairy when I worked there, and well, let's just say I drank more than my fair share of fountain soda.

Amy Sorensen said...

1. I hear you on the soda thing. Kendell keeps asking if throwbacks are on sale again yet, and I'll be all "hello, honey, if I were an alcoholic would you worry if beer was on sale?" Thanks for the support! ;)

2. WHERE did you get the teeth for the science experiment?

3. I've been praying & hoping for a regular, everyday family to move into the house across the street from me for years. least five. We FiNALLY have someone normal there now and I couldn't be happier about it! Maybe your single guy's life will evolve...

4. I can't believe you do all that mileage on the treadmill. Just shoot me. I hate running on the treadmill. ;)

5. If it's any consolation, it's HARD to take pictures of snow. All the white freaks out the camera. They're either dark or too bright. The secret is to take a reading from something away from the snow but that's still in the same light as the snow, and then set those numbers manually. (Hence my dismal snow photos.)

6. I've been thinking about going to Wheeler Farm. Is it worth the drive?

7. Off to search for the HP7#2 trailer!