Thursday, June 16, 2011

Random thoughts: June/Ragnar Edition

  • Yesterday was Ragnar Eve Eve.  You already know about my love for Christmas Eve Eve.  Well, it was yesterday.  Not quite as fun as the one in December, but the stress level was about the same.
  • Will be glad when Ragnar is over and simultaneously heartbroken.  Being the team captain might have something to do with it.
  • Loves her Ragnar team.  They all pulled together last week when we had a Crisis.  We found 2 runners who would commit 8 days before the race.  So glad.  And again, simultaneously sad that we had to replace anyone at all.  We won't have all our sparkle colors represented.
  • Will be wearing a purple Team Sparkle skirt and socks for one of my legs.  It is so cute.  I wore it one day to do yoga in and then had to answer the door and found one of my kids parents standing on my porch.  Pretty sure he thought I was a stripper.
  • Is so excited to have Amy on her team.  I wished all last year for her to be with me, and this year she is.  She is going to rock being runner 11!
  • Tried to get a van topper.  Thought we could just put it in our Xterra last night - wrong.  Nor would it fit on top of our Xterra. Grr.  I found a cargo net - hoping that will work and will be what I am expecting.
  • Is trying to be grateful rather than pouty.  The weather might be bad.  We might get stuck in the mud trying to drive over Guardsman Pass.  (Ragnar encouraged teams to bring a tow rope. Seriously! How is that going to work.)  Is still a tiny bit worried about the 18.5 miles I'll be tackling.  So yeah, going with the grateful route: grateful to be running, grateful to be able to rent a van, grateful to have friends and family to run with.  Grateful.
  • Hopes it doesn't go too fast.  I want it to be here but I don't want it to be over.  I was sad on my last leg last year that it was so short.  I won't have to do that this year, as my last leg is 6.9 miles. Pretty sure I can eek out any and all Ragnar satisfaction out of that run and then some.
  • Is already looking forward to next year.  Am I crazy or stupid?


Apryl said...

Does this skirt make my butt look fast? Bwha ha ha! Good luck!

Melanie said...

I'm feeling butterflies for you. Strange, huh? I'm glad for your sake that it's finally here, but I know you'll be sad to see it go as well. At least we'll finally get to hang out again, right?!