Sunday, September 4, 2011

More thoughts about riding a bike.

After going on a long (for me) bike ride on Thursday, I decided I needed add a bit to my previous bike riding post. 

  • It takes a lot less time for me to get ready to go on a bike ride than go on a run.  
  • I don't know which side of the road I'm supposed to ride on. Into traffic? The same way as traffic? So confused....
  • Also: do I have to stop at stop signs like the cars do?  If I don't, can I get pulled over?  I think it would scare the living crap out of my if a cop turned his sirens on me.
  • I am a wimp about going down hill.  As in, I went 2 miles out of my way to avoid riding down a big hill by my house. I just imagine myself wiping out mid-hill and rolling down the rest of the way.  I'm a wimp.
  • I saw about 400 runners during my bike ride (this might be an exaggeration.)  I felt like calling out to them "I'm really one of YOUR people! Don't let this bug-like helmet and two-wheeled vehicle trick you! I'm just saving my knees!" I'm pretty sure they would think I was crazy should I really say these things to them.
  • The same hill that I am afraid of riding down handed me my ass twice when I tried to ride up it.  I had to walk the bike up.  Twice.  (Hanging my head in shame - but you should see this hill. I swear it's big.)
  • It's amazing to see the same route I normally run from the vantage point of the bike.  
  • Bikes really do give you a good leg workout. I thought my legs had turned to jello.  And I can let my thoughts wander in almost the same fashion as I can running, which results in the same mental break while saving my legs some pounding.
  • It makes me appreciate running that much more.  I might slum with the bike every now and again, but I'm a runner at heart.
How do you feel about doing a different activity than you favorite one?  Can you appreciate it?  Or do you feel like an imposter?