Monday, November 28, 2011

Gratitude 9: The memories...

Before I get myself into a haze of Christmas excitement and business, I want to remember a few things from this Thanksgiving:

  • Going on an awesome run with my husband on Thanksgiving Day. It was cold and windy and wonderful to be out burning some calories so I could get my pie on later.
  • Being able to sleep in so many days with my family. Thomas and Ben slept on the couch every night. I kind of love the couch sleeping and kind of hate it. I wish they were in their beds, but am glad they are having fun together and making their own memories of the holiday.
  • Getting teary at the Thanksgiving table when I thought of my dad. I had wished I was able to visit his grave that day. I felt a little close to him for a brief second as I thought and told all the things I was grateful for
  • Eating dinner with my in-laws. My mother-in-law did so much work and made us such a yummy dinner. Her mother-in-law and sister-in-law were also there, two very sweet ladies. We had a small crowd (only 8 of us), but there was a lot of love and affection for everyone at the table.
  • Seeing a neighbor at Walmart at 7:00 pm in the freezer section, waiting for an X-box. He asked me what I was there for, and laughed at my answer: butter.  I didn't want to have to brave Walmart the next day when it was crazy and all Black-Friday-y.
  • Being woken up at 8:30 am when my kids dragged all the Christmas stuff up from the basement so they could decorate the Christmas tree. We had set it up the night before sans decorations. I modified a few of the decorations, but mostly left it. They will always remember decorating the tree all by themselves.
  • Eating Thanksgiving part two with my mom on Friday night. I sent her off to a singles dance about an hour after dinner was over. Man, how things come back full circle. It was fun to send her off to a night of fun and adventure.
  • My kids getting excited when our awesome friend Heather found Just Dance 3 at a Black Friday sale. We all shook our booties multiple times to Dynomite (thanks, Taio Cruz!), and Shane and I showed them how to really do the running man. We've got nothing but awesome at 90's dance moves sent to C & C Music Factory rip-offs.

It was an awesome Thanksgiving. I felt so blessed to have so many people who I love to spend my weekend with. I hope your Thanksgiving was awesome!