Friday, February 3, 2012

February Love - Number 3

{First - I must apologize for last night's awful formatting. I used my Kindle to blog and I'm not good with tiny keyboards.}

{Second - I am kind of loving these posts. When I do my November Gratitude posts, I feel like I have to be all serious and thoughtful and profound. It's gratitude, after all. But just stuff I love? I kind of am giving myself license to be a little bit more shallow. If not shallow, then light-hearted. We are allowed to love things that are dumb like reruns of Lost and other such trivial matters in this life, right?}

So, tonight. My most loved accessory: bracelets. I am a total sucker for a nice bracelet. I have one that I wear all the time, day and night, no matter what I'm doing. Shane got it for me a few years ago and I believe I blogged it here. I love love it and I'll probably die wearing it. (Unless I have a daughter in some miraculous future who is anything like me. I once "borrowed" my mom's class ring and wore it for a few days. Then I LOST IT somewhere between work, home, and my ballet class. I didn't tell my mom about losing it until after I was married. I am evil. Sorry, mom. I suck. So, yeah, if karma ever comes around at me, it will suck. The miraculous daughter will "borrow" it and then not tell me. I will be sad but will know it was my own fault. Maybe I am taking this possible teenage-daughter-thievery too far. Sorry again!)

Back to reality and bracelets. If ever I want to feel like I'm dressing up, I reach for a bracelet. I have a few others I like to wear. My BFF Melanie gave me one this year that she brought me all the way from Vienna. This Christmas, my favoritest mother-in-law gave me one that I wore for weeks afterward. I have one that is literally on its last hinge that I only wear if I dare. And one of my faves that I never ever wear but love is a bracelet watch that was my Grandma's. I like that they are pretty make me feel girly.

How's that for shallow. But whatever. You know you have some sort of something that makes you feel happy to wear - what is it? Go ahead. I'm more than (shallowly) interested.


Britt said...

Someday when you have time and energy, you should post a picture of the bracelet. Or show me when I see you next.

I've never been big on bracelets, but I always wear a necklace.