Monday, March 19, 2012

The miracle of the Cadbury Mini Eggs.

With every bag of Cadbury Mini Egg's I've purchased this spring (which I will be keeping private, btw. But it's been a few, friends.) I've reminded myself of the Miracle of the Cadbury Mini Eggs that happened in 2010. It will now be my pleasure to relate it to you. It truly is miraculous.

Christmas Eve, 2010. Shane and I are dashing about, trying to finish a few last minute purchases. It happened by some twist of fate that we had to go to Smith's grocery store, only a few hours before the store would close for Christmas. We loaded our cart with the last few things I needed: cream of mushroom soup, some canned onions for green bean casserole on Christmas Day, and some beef broth soup for our french dip sandwiches for Christmas Eve (our favorite tradition.)

As we stood in the long line to purchase our meagre items, it happened. There was a display table filled with Cadbury Mini Eggs. I didn't even hesitate to buy some. What were they doing there - reminiscent of the Easter Bunny amongst all the Christmas red and green? They seemed so out of place. I had to put at least one bag out of its misery.

That night our Christmas Eve feast was topped off by the bag of mini eggs. It was strange to mix the two traditions - Easter with Christmas. Birth with Death. Or Birth with Rebirth. Sweet spring colored hard-shelled candies mixed with chocolate oranges and cookies for Santa. Weird.

I looked again this year, but I never could replicate obtaining Easter candy on Christmas Eve. Sad really. But with every egg I eat this Easter, I will remember, oh yes, I'll remember.


Lucy said...

I had to stop buying these. I have bought two bags already this spring and I eat them in a day! I walked right on past a bag today. It was hard. What a fun find at christmas..not that I need extra temptation around that holiday either:)

Amy Sorensen said...

Can I confess: while I do appreciate your Cadbury Mini Eggs miracle, and I even enjoy them, I don't love love love them. They're just...ok to me.

Now. The caramel eggs---I think they are made by Nestle? Those I LOVE LOVE LOVE. Hard chocolate shell that crunches when you bite into it, and then the gush and ooze of caramel.


THOSE are the Easter chocolates I cannot buy for fear of eating the entire. freaking. bag. all by myself.

In two days.

Not that *I* have ever done that. :)