Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday by the numbers

Time woke up: 7:19 (to the sounds of The Early Show [I think], which I never watch. Listened to Stephen Colbert verbally sparring with the show's host. He sounds annoying at 7am, by the way.)

Shoes worn: 3 pair. Church shoes this morning, running shoes (3.13 miles in exactly - EXACTLY - 30 minutes, zero seconds. How does that happen?), and flip flops (worn to Sam's and the library.)

Books picked up from the library: 3. Girl Reading - Katie Ward, Me and You - Nicolo Ammaniti, and Obedience - Jacqueline Yallop.

Miles driven: approximately 35 in two different trips. There are people who think that just because it's in the Salt Lake Valley, it (whatever "it's" is - Cottonwood Mall, The District, the airport, Brighton ski resort) is right around the corner from me. Well, "it" isn't. Humph.

Number of Batteries bought: 48. AA if you really want to know.

Number of chip bags purchased from Sam's: 50. I went a little crazay and got the Flavor Mix that includes the chili cheese Fritos. Wild!!

Gallons of milk: 4 - Maid o' Clover.

Loads of laundry: 2.5. Two are even hung up - that ever-present white load that is my nemesis is still in the dryer.

Cokes purchased: 0. I stopped drinking it on Tuesday. But I'm reeeeaaaaalllllyyy wanting one today. So far I have resisted.

Bathrooms cleaned, floors swept and mopped: again - 0. It's my first day in 3 weeks that I have to myself. I'm not going to spend it cleaning. Well, yet - I have it on the schedule for this afternoon.

Songs listened to: 19 - in the car and on my run.

Hours Shane has worked at his new job: 36. I keep hoping he will come home early today.

Eaten: 1 banana, 1 apple, one turkey sandwich without cheese because I forgot to buy some yesterday.

Drank: 8 oz hot chocolate this morning and 20 ounces of water after my run.

Number of minutes wasted laying in bed before I went running: 18. Have I ever mentioned how much I love my bed?

Temperature when I went running: 55. I wore a running skirt and a long sleeve running shirt and I despaired of the long sleeves because the sun was warm.

Dreams about Ragnar: 1. I had to crawl up this hill that was shaped like a giant ball. Then I ran down these bleachers that were really stacks of different colored chairs, but I was immensely proud of myself for not falling. Then I yelled at the Ragnar staff because I couldn't find the route I was supposed to be running and there weren't any signs. Bad sign when Ragnar is creeping into my subconscious.

So what numbers are significant to you today?


Britt said...

I was at Sam's Club yesterday, too! I must have missed you!