Monday, June 4, 2012

On the second day of Ragnar...

I ran 3 miles in 95 degree weather today!! I told my running partner Breana yesterday at church that we should do 4. You see, I will be running in the afternoon for my first and third legs, so I can't use the heat as an excuse to not run. No matter how hot it is, I still have to complete a 2 miler Friday (it's almost insulting; the shortest leg in all of Ragnar. I shouldn't even dignify it with calling it a leg, but whatever) and a 7.4 miler to finish on Saturday.

Before we set out, I filled a water bottle with ice and water, slapped on a hat, and doused my running shirt in cold water. When Breana got to my house, I sprayed her with the hose. We set out, doing our first 2 miles with style and grace in the hot sun. I commented at 1.07 miles that it really wasn't that bad.

However....then things turned around at about mile 2. We hit my house again, doused ourselves in the hose (I kept hoping that no one was watching. Two grown women spraying each other with the garden hose tips the scale at both kinda kinky and really pathetic.) We ran around the neighborhood for another mile, neither of us wanting to admit that we didn't really want to keep going, and then threw in the towel. The wind was hot, the sun was hot, our shirts were dry, and my water was warm. Ick.

I was glad to see when I got home that our pace was roughly what it always is. Take that, 95 degrees! But I'm hoping and praying that it isn't 95 on June 15 or 16. A nice 70/75/80 would be nice. So pray for perfect temps, if you so desire. And no rain. Pleeeaaaassseee no rain. I know, I'm asking for a lot.

11 more days!!