Friday, November 16, 2012

Gratitude Three: I am what I am not

Sometimes, to know what something is is to not what it is not. Like these gratitude posts. I am grateful for so many things in my life, but there are also some things I'm not grateful for, things I could do without and do just fine, thankyouverymuch. This week has been rough and I've been thinking a lot about the stuff I'm not grateful for, and it's shown me some things I am good at by way of seeing things I'm not good at. (I planned this post yesterday as I squeezed in a run before the kids came home from school - I do my best thinking while running.)

  • I am not a good party planner. If you want to see me frazzled, stressed, and super grumpy, ask me to plan a party. Especially a party involing multiple excitable children. Kill me now.
  • I am not a good present-wrapper. I don't buy ribbons or bows. I don't get excited to have all my Christmas wrapping paper matchy-matchy and color coordinated and "let's open THIS gift now." We don't do bows because my husband had cats as a child and so his presents didnt' have bows and ribbon. We don't do organized upwrapping because it drives my husband crazy. Compromise. (But seriously: even if I did want to buy bows & things - I still am a lazy present-wrapper and I am likely to stay that way.)
  • I'm not good at being sad.
  • I'm not good at getting something out of my head once I've gotten it into my head.
  • I hate to vacuum. 
  • I'm terrible at arguing. I'm much better at seeing someone else's point of view and am terrible at getting my point of view across. Plus I am to scared to say something I will regret so I end up saying nothing but thinking a lot of things that are impossible for me to put into words. If I could just write the person I am having an argument with a strongly-worded letter, arguments would go much better in my life.
  • I hate to wake up in the morning. Every single morning of my life I've wished for more sleep. Terrible morning person.
  • I don't like buying shoes for my kids. I mean, they always have shoes, but it gives me hives to take them to the store, try them on, and purchase them.
  • My handwriting is atrocious. Even when I try really, really hard. And it is getting worse. I don't know why my SDBBE people put up with my commenting. Maybe they just ignore it except for the bits that happen to come out legible. 
  • I am terrible with dogs. I don't like it when they lick me. I much prefer to be ignored by a cat.
  • I hate touching raw meat. I'm not very good at cooking it, either. I can handle beef okay, but chicken still freaks me out a little.
  • I tend to misplace things like keys, wallets, phones, and sunglasses. Often. It drives Shane nuts. When we worked together before we dated, he used to pity the fool who married me, since he had watched me lose my keys every. single. day that we worked together. The joke ended up being on him in the end, didn't it? Now I lose his keys and sunglasses.
  •  I'm not good at putting things away. There are always books and papers and random things on my counters. (See the middle three sentences of my last bullet point.)
  • I'm not good at telling my true feelings.
  • I'm not good at connecting with my kids as they get older. I mean, I still talk to them and hug them and work on their homework with them. But the video games and the roughhousing and the making everything into a weapon (and being big enough that it can now cause serious damage) makes me feel like the odd man out. I try to do the best I can, but mostly I feel a little bewildered.
  • I'm not good at knowing which department to shop in at Kohl's. I'm always slightly afraid I'm shoppping in the old ladies section. Although I'm dangerously close to being old enough to shop in the old ladies section.
  • I'm not good at paying more for something at one store when I know it's half the price at another store. Take yesterday. I had a $20 gift card to Smiths from my work. I went there to buy a turkey and some other items for Thanksgiving. I also needed to buy deodorant. I couldn't bring myself to spend the $5 that it cost as Smiths (even though I had free money!) because I know deodorant is half that price at Walmart. So now I have to go back to Walmart. 
  • I am not good at managing my time. End of story.

What are you not good at? Does knowing who you aren't help you to know who you are, or just bring you down?


Britt said...

My list would be almost exactly the same except that I am a morning person, and my handwriting is okay. Other than those two things, spot on!

Amy Sorensen said...

I'm totally going to do this! Not today...but someday soon.

I am pretty good at wrapping presents though. And making them match and making the bows match. I'm good at making myself crazy over making the paper match and the bows match. I also take a lot of pictures of the matchy presents with their matchy bows under the tree. :)