Wednesday, December 12, 2012


12 things I did on 12/12/2012:

Went to work.
Ate lunch with Heidi.
Saw my sister.
Got a warm tasty treat from Starbucks.
Went to Walmart.
Took Ben ice skating.
Helped kids with homework.
Read/listened to 17 pages of the Book of Mormon.
Got gas.
Rode public transit four separate times.
Made lunch.
Considered cleaning up some cat hurl.

It's not every day you get to do that.

What did you do for 12/12/3012?


Amy Sorensen said...

I blogged about 12/12/12. I got annoyed by the wear-pants-to-church thing (not because I give a rat's A if someone wears pants to church but because of all the self-righteous uproar on both sides). Did not go running. :(

heidikins said...

I didn't do anything out of the ordinary and by staying away from most social media didn't realize it was such an auspicious day until mid-afternoon. So...there's that. :)