Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Favorite things 3: Grandma's ornaments

Last year, Shane's grandma gave us some crocheted ornaments for our tree. She worked on them for months and brought them to us the week of Thanksgiving so that we could decorate our tree with them. She is never afraid to pick up her crochet hook and make something beautiful and lasting, and I love her for it.

The majority of the ornaments are snowflakes, but there are also umbrellas, fans, bells, and even an angel. This year I used them all over the house - on the garland I put on the railing, over the fireplace, hanging from bookshelves. They are everywhere and they make me so happy.

 I got this idea off of Pinterest. Kinda lopsided, though...

Aren't ornaments that have a history and a link to someone else your favorite? They are mine!


heidikins said...

I have a box of crocheted snowflakes from (let me see if I can get this right) my uncle's mother...so, my grandmother once removed? Not sure the official title. Anyway, we used to visit her in a nursing home a lot and she made me a dozen snowflakes one year for Christmas. They are beautiful.


Melanie said...

I'm so jealous of those ornaments! I absolutely love them. :)