Friday, March 27, 2015

Currently: The Early Spring Edition

Reading: My Name is Resolute, Love Letters to the Dead, and Freedom from your Inner Critic. I have one book in different places all over the house so that I can have access wherever I go. I've never read anything by Nancy Turner before (she wrote These is My Words, which has always sort of been on my list) and I'm really enjoying Resolute. I went through an extremely dry reading spell at the first of the year, so I'm relieved to finally have some good books. Although I'm reading really slowly lately - I stopped taking the train to work, so that killed a lot of my good reading time. But, parking under my building and not having to walk over a block to work from the parking garage or train stop for the first time in 15 years is really, really nice.

Enjoying: my spring bulbs. Fears of global warming aside, I've loved seeing my early spring friends. My mini-daffodils were adorable, as were the new giant hyacinth that I planted. But my favorite are the poppy anemones. They are so sweet! They are various shades of white, pink, blue, and purple. I die every time a new one blooms. I planted 100 of them, and I'm tempted to plant more in the fall.

Sewing: baby blankets. I haven't sewn since 2013, how sad is that!? But there is a whole new crop of babies coming. I even picked out the flannel with my mom, which was fun since we don't usually get to do errands together, but she was living nearby for a while during her spinal fusion recovery. I had forgotten how much I love being creative. I think I spent most of January and February looking at my phone, texting and incessantly checking social media. I need more creative outlets.

Practicing: nothing, specifically on the piano. I sort of lost my mojo for playing in January and haven't gotten it back. I'm actually kind of embarrassed now (which is my insecurities showing, I know!) that I was playing in public. Most of the time it sucked. But I'm also sad I'm not practicing anymore. It was a lovely outlet for a few months. And, I'm wasting the piano tuning I had in January, which made my old piano sound so much better! Honestly, I think I miss playing Christmas songs. Church hymns get boring after a while. I don't feel like I can play much else because with those two genres, I have the advantage of always knowing how the song should sound so I can be lazy and not figure out the rhythm.

Running: in my neighborhood. One of my favorite routes is closed now, and is being repaved and sidewalks added. It makes me sort of sad - I ran that stretch of road more times that I can count for over 15 years. But I've found a new route that is making me happy that includes a new road that just opened a few months ago. Again, global warming aside, this winter was lovely for running. I ran in short sleeves in February multiple times. Who knew that could ever happen?

Liking: my new wallet. I bought it at the University of Utah hospital while I was visiting my mom. I'd had my old one since Ben was in diapers, so I think it was justified. Plus, it has two pouches with zippers so I can keep my key and phone all in one handy spot, thus theoretically preventing me from saying "Where's my phone!?" as often.  (I am anti-purse. They just aren't my type.)

Eating: the most delicious breakfast sandwiches ever. We got a breakfast sandwich maker for Christmas and I use it every day that I eat breakfast at home. It has revolutionized breakfast around here. Love.

Smiling: because of this selfie. We didn't get a pic of us when we saw Margaret Atwood in 2004. It was satisfying to get one this time, even if we couldn't get one with Ms. Atwood. (Also, Amy and I are veteran sister-selfie takers. We perfected it in Italy. Just in case you wondered.)

Going: to the gym for a sculpting class. It's been months since I've gone, probably since last summer! I'm going to be so sore. Update: I stayed for 15 minutes of spin class after sculpting. I really, really hate riding a bike. But I like being sore.

Surviving: having my IUD changed. Those 3 minutes when they clamp the cervix are awful. But, the lack of periods and 5 years of birth control pretty much make up for them. Also, I realized that I'm glad I don't have a lot of female problems and pain. The hour of cramps after the insertion before my ibuprofen kicked in were almost more than I could deal with. Kudos to those women who have painful female parts. My apologies if you didn't come here to hear about my cervix and uterus.

What is current in your life?