Monday, November 7, 2016

Right Now Gratitude - day 5

2016 has been a strange year for running. I had ankle pain that started in late April and never really went away. It was an annoyance, but about a month ago my ankle started hurting all the time, and just walking around doing my normal activities was hard. Despite this, I did a few more dumb things in October - ran up a hill long zigzagging instead of just running straight - the same act that gave me plantar fasciitis about 10 years ago. Another day, I did a cardio sandwich at the gym on my already tender ankle. Finally, I did a long downhill run from my house to the high school one day after work. No bueno, not a happy ankle.

So I stopped running for two weeks and fretted about what to do about it. After the two weeks when it wasn't any better or worse than before, I decided to go to the doctor. Once I decided to go to the doctor, I knew I could start running again, which shouldn't make any sense, but it does. So last Monday I saw a podiatrist. He was really nice, and even kept trying to help me after I told him I might kick him in the face if he pinched my achilles one more time (I have achilles issues.) After an xray, he offered me a cortisone shot in my ankle to combat what he thinks may be arthritis. I really wanted to get the hell out of his office as soon as he mentioned the shot, but he was very persuasive and I relented. I was super proud of myself that I didn't hyperventilate during said shot. Go me.

So now I'm 8 days post-shot. My ankle feels so much better! The feeling that my foot might break off each time I walk down stairs has dissipated, happily. It still hurts a little bit in places, but mostly it just feels and looks like my foot again, which is a relief. I didn't realize how swollen it had been until a few days ago when I realized my socks suddenly felt roomy. I've been running a few times since, and I just love being back to it.

Fall is my favorite time of year to run. I admit that I slog through the summer, watching my running splits get slower and slower as it gets hot. It's always a relief to get to that magical morning that will come around every September when the air is crisp and I can run fast again. And even though I always know there will be a few more warm runs, I know they are numbered.

Tonight was a perfect autumn run. I left just as the sun set behind my mountains. I watched the shadows grow across the valley. The wind was there, just as it always is when you live on the west side, but it was manageable. I needed long sleeves and an ear warmer (sadly, there weren't thumb holes, which are the best invention ever - Amy and I were texting about earlier!) I ran a route that was part happenstance, part determination to encounter as many paths covered in leaves as possible. I felt like I could run forever. It was gorgeous and perfect and I was just so grateful to be running, to be feeling like myself, to be crunching leaves under my feet.

What are you grateful for today?


Feisty Harriet said...

a) I'm so glad your feet/ankle are feeling better, I really hope the shot is a longish term solution!

b) Today I'm grateful for hot showers and leftover Halloween candy. (Yes, it HAS been a rough day!)