Sunday, November 13, 2016

Right now gratitude, day 6

Last week on the way to the gym, a beautiful sight met my eyes: giant piles of leaves littered all through the parkway in front of the gym. And I realized after seeing them that all I wanted to do was walk through as many of those leaves as I could.

So I did.

They were gorgeous and crunchy and healed a little of the roughness in my soul. Where I live, there aren't many trees (which makes me really sad.) I took a few pictures and then I just walked back and forth through the largest piles I could find. And even through I looked crazy, it was perfect.

Sometimes I think that I think about experiences - writing them in my head, thinking about how they could look if I could just photograph that view, actually taking photos with whatever device available - and it gets in the way. I don't experience an event - I narrate it. And so even though I had attempted to narrate, I also put away my phone and just experienced.

I hope that I can all find more experiences in the next few weeks and months and years that give me peace, that remind me that no matter who is speaking loudly in the news and on my phone, I can decide what gets in. I can choose to be kind even if the world gets more cruel.